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    Discussion on teachings of Indian mystics like Sadhguru

    Hello members, what is your take on teachings of Indian mystics like Sadhguru and Shri Shri Ravi Shankar. He seems to have a huge youtube following. I personally feel some of his teachings are very nice and he speaks of communal harmony et all. But certain things that he promotes are outrageous like superiority of vegan over non- vegan and of a certain tantrik making dead come alive. I think as a valid yoga teacher he should stick to his field and not give statements on things beyond his field of study.
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    A good person with a lot of knowledge in various field and he has a very good skill of talking very nicely. He modulates his voice very nicely which makes his talks impressive. As mentioned by the author some of his videos are very good and feel like seeing again. But some times his statements appear to be without logic.
    As on today, nobody is able to make mercury metal as a solid metal at room temperature But mercury can form metal compounds which are solids at room temperature. But he made a statement somewhere that he can make mercury solid at room temperature. Still, I am not able to understand that. As far as my chemistry knowledge goes mercury is different from its compounds. I like to see how he can make this mercury as a solid at room temperature which will be an education for me.
    But I like his yoga skills and other subject knowledge. I salute him for his knowledge and Yoga skills. We should have some such people in this society as they can propagate yoga skills to many people.

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    Many Vedios and discussions of Sadhguru come from time to time on the Internet, apart from a yoga education, they also give discourses and also solve the problems of people. Yoga is not only concerned with physical exercise, but also with mental peace, so it is natural that while teaching yoga, yoga teachers also do some good enlightening things. But yes, there should not be any such thing which should be understood against the psyche of man and his lifestyle. People of different religions live in the country, everyone has a different culture and all have different beliefs. Everyone's choice and belief regarding ground water are different, in such a situation, it is not appropriate to show others in favor of any particular food item. A person have its own choice to eat , if they want to have non veg. then no one should have a problem with that. Yoga teachers and other Religious master should teach people how to live a peaceful life , which really help them.
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    When a Guru considered to be having vast following and being the best scholar of this country on varied subject Sri Sri Sri Ravishankar has every right to talk on any subject and we none to give him advise as to what to talk and what to do. When people are not having time to mend their own ways and attitude, here is the person who takes pain to advise the people on varied issues because he is being asked by the social media and media to express his views on happening matters and thus he speaks his heart to which we need not take it otherwise. He is the Guru of vast following and we must respect his every teaching. For that matter he was also asked by the central govt to mediate in the Ram Janma Bhoomi issue but he could not crack the ice. Ultimately the SC has given the firm verdict and now the construction work started.
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    Sadhguru never teaches anyone to what he should do and what not to do. He only gives the logic which even science cannot deny. Science itself is proving whatever he is teaching. His videos are most of the times edited and shared on social media, as he has allowed eveyone to use it for their benefit and for others, he doesn't even mind if you earn from it and for the same reason you see so many pages on Facebook and Youtube sharing Sadhguru videos.

    Most of his teachings and videos are based on facts and he just gives you the reason for doing or not doing something. In the end you are responsible for your life and you can choose to either accept or deny his advice, it is never forced upon anyone.

    There are only handful of people who have such clarity and vast knowledge and in addition they have come face to face to us, so that we can have more clarity of life and live it fully. Experience teaches what theory can never do, so if we have any doubt about any theory, then it is best to try it before judging.

    He is not bound to any particular field and has knowledge so vast that, we may not be able to accumulate in our whole lifetime. He is Padma Vibhusan, highest civilian honour to an individual, he is a trained pilot, he is poet, painter, environmentalist, social reformer, teacher, a great human.

    What he does on ground is what we only imagine in dreams.

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    In every country or society you will find some Gurus like that who have immense knowledge about the human behaviour, the culture of the place, and the mythological knowledge of that race. These are some weapons which they use in their speech or teachings and people (like most of us) become spellbound. While hearing them we feel as flowing through a pleasant journey as if all our problems are resolved though in realty we are struggling to get a job or to make a career. So, mythology, philosophy, and moral teachings are good and there is no harm in listening to them but they are for the solace of our mind only which is in fact wandering here and there for material acquisitions. These people are different from the ordinary persons and that is why they have a large following. They may have their own convictions about various issues like vegan or non vegan, meat or vegetable, animal killing or no animal killing etc and it is not necessary that we may agree with their views. We should never blindly follow a person however great spiritual leader he might be because we do not know what lies beneath as many cases have happened where even the famous and reputed ones were caught red handed and now are behind the jail grills.
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    The problem with many of us is we tend to think of a proposal or a choice of great men as a form of promotion. I have watched many videos of Sadhguru and got to know many things. His explanations of all those topics are very clear and the important thing that I learned from him is to be an explorer rather than a believer. As far as I know, he never told anybody to believe anything without exploring and he is not a promoter of any religion. He proposes a way of living which advises people to have vegetarian food. The same is applicable to Gurudev Shri Shri Ravi Shankar. There is no need to think of the way of lifestyle as a promotion. The choice is absolutely individual whether to follow or not.

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    Satguru Jaggi Vasudev is a God gifted Guru. He has made his place on this good earth. He has the charisma to attract the people by his language, words and speech. He never says 'No. I don't know'. He has an excellent power of expressing things. His English language flow is extraordinary, and anyone can understand his simple language. For each and every question on any subject, he has the answer. He being a Hindu, he believes in vegans, and promotes veganism. We may accept or not accept it. That depends on the individual's choice. He has millions of followers. He is a good teacher, preacher and master. An all-round Yogi to appreciate, I must say.
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    There are some people who are very knowledgeable and when we listen to them we feel away from this world and its worldly affairs. They are like saints and their spiritual attainment is of high order. I think Sadhguru is one of that clan. Highly knowledgeable and saintly.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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