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    A society with no gender on future. Where pure love makes everything possible

    Dear members, imagine we're living in 31st century we as a species now no longer have gender. Nature has evolved us into being totally genderless beings. You're transported to this century whilst falling asleep. These people for the first time see a primitive human with a gender. What do you think will be there and your reaction on meeting each other. Share your experiences of this imaginary hypoethical world.

    Note : Males describe experience from male prespective female members describe your experience from your prespective.
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    There will not be any struggle for gender equalities. That will be the first gain for society.
    There will not be any human hunt on the opposite genders. Another advantage. These days we see many gents attacking females and making their lives horrible. Thes problems will not be there. No encounters and no human rights commissions are required as there will be no more encounters.
    There will not be any population problem and population will be diminishing only as there will not be any new births as there are no different genders. A day may come where we will not see any human beings on this universe as there will be no new births.

    always confident

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    Story Update - Members please note that births will not stop since nature has turned all humans into genderless, they thrive or replicate through technological processes, but the birth and death ratio is always equal. The older humans die off and are recycled into new ones, like a phoenix. Dr Rao sir, your pov is very interesting let's see what other members think.

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    Well the author for the sake of discussion and churning out creative answers from the members has raised this thread but in reality the situation does not arise. I just cannot imagine a world without the genders. The life and the enjoyment comes from the gender presence and if that is taken out then the life would be waste and standstill. What is the use of such life without any activity, teasing and having a face off with other gender as it happens now. By the way if there is single gender, we would be realizing the importance of missing other gender and that is only point to ponder over by us.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Story Update 2- These humans are telepaths they've mastered technology to such extent that they do not feel boredom at all they only explore the univetse with pure joy. But they're curious about their ancestors because legends among them say that they were in pairs. There were male and female, and they use to marry, also they used to work with physical tools. These telepaths do everything from there mind alone they're connected to the entire earth and it's ecosystem. They maintain harmony between many ecosystems, also a group of these telepaths have mastered intergalactic travel through mind alone, they've achieved a kind of singularity a union with our nature they harmonize and create new realities. But they're very curious about the fate of their ancestors because after a cataclysmic event the last surviiving members of our genetic family the homo sapiens were destroyed and now they're just stories about them. Around the dawn of 25th century a genetic split happened that slowly evolved our sucessor into the genderless telepaths discussed above. ( End Of Update)

    K.Mohan sir, actually that's the very purpose of this thread ie: to create awareness among members to treat both the gender in an equitinble manner, lest we face the above alternate future presented to us above. I will post more update on the background of this amazing story as more and more members give their feedback it's a collaborative generative fiction.

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    And now the author created new turn to the thread by infusing the telepathy mastering technology of future people who would be remembering the present generation of twins and male female combination. Surely If Ramgopal Varma happens to see this thread, he would pick a cue and make a short film with popular characters. But in reality such things may not happen however I would credit the author for thinking out of box which was not a usual thought and many creative writers of this site can cast their spell to advance their involvement and glorify this post.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Human can be changed into a genderless creatures if artificial intelligence is so much developed that it overpowers human intelligence and thus creation begins to control the creator.

    In this situation mankind is gradually gets enslaved by artificial intelligent machines. Robotic humans now have super-intelligence which they have developed themselves. All human race has been changed into robotic humans quite identical to them. No human is born now but robotic humans with the help of incubator. However, some of the real humans still exist. Being endangered species they have been housed in a separate big building. Robotic humans come from different parts of the world to see these endangered species, the last survived human race of primitive age.

    They know telepathy, there is complete incommunicado. They understand each other by reading mind. They have no emotions. Their love for each other is quite platonic which they express on special occasions.

    They have created and invented completely unprecedented machines which primitive human beings had never imagined. Robotic human world has no other work except doing experiments in lab because they have no need of food or water to fill their stomach. A team of specialists is on the job doing experiments to create Super Extravehicular Mobility Units because astronauts can not survive on the sun.

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    Hmm nice addition to the story arfatuzzafar, and a good critical opunion by Mohan sir. In case if a film director takes up this story as a film script all members involved in the development of this story's plot will be taken. However the chances of that hapoening is quite bleak since this is a one of a kind experimental thing. Bollywood is'nt much open to that stuff yet.

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    Even now love is missing among one gender and love is found only gender to gender. If there is no gender deviation, the word love got vanished totally in the human race and as told by Vallalar, the human without love are just like that animals. One eminent scholar Thirukkural Munusamy used to tell that human only know to laugh as no goat or hen can laugh. If the human him/herself lack of laughing, there is no difference between him and an animal. Love is not the word as experienced through cinema or stories. But is a thing expression of affection on other human being. Now many people do have pets in their houses like dog, cat, parrot etc., but failed to show their love to their own children or relatives or friends.

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    Ramachandran sir, there is no one definition of love each culture, society and race interprets it diffrentley. What maybe considered as love among us homo sapiens may not hold true for future generations. Just consider the idea of free love choices in a pre- british era, we used to have sati back then. Similarly here we're talking about a hypothetical scenario where humans no longer have gender does not mean they no longer love. They may have a different interpretation of love in that society. Animals too have a notion of love else how are they able to raise pupp7es and kittens. To each moment love appears different. Love is one attribute of the supreme being that everyone worships as God. Thus it will manifest itself in many ways do not try to bind it to a culture, notion, race or religion.

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    Update 3 - A few select humans from 21st are chosen by these telepaths once they become aware of time travel using sleep as a means to eject humans from their immidiate reallity and pull them into other realities. We all know time is relative to the observer, these telepaths eject humans from 21st century and pull them into 31st century. The person's body in 21st century remains sleeping but if left for too l8ng they will disentergrate and die. Each member has only 5-6 hours before they come back to their bodiies in this present century of ours. The telepaths wish to study the gendered humans ie: their ancestors from distant past. A huge city is seen from above as you fly towards it. It seems to be the only city present on planet Earth all other cities and countries have vanished. There are towers upon towers spires upon spires each tower is of immense height and can be seen clearly from the outer space. All towers seem to reflect light of the sun as they are made from a strange kind of glass that reflects and refracts light of various colors when seen from different prespectives. The land below you is immense as the city itself towering mountains, huge valleys and immense forests are spread out everywhere beyond the periphery of this city. The entire city seems to be covered in a giant dome like structure, an artificial biosphere perhaps. As the members land on the ground they see the inhabitants of this beautiful city for the first time. Their jaws drop for although all of the inhabitants are humans yet they're different they seem ageless and genderless they do not have hairs on their body not even a single brow. Their eyes are of many colors some have huge green eyes as lovely as the green medows, some have blue eyes as beautiful and ethereal like the sky and ocean put together and some have pure golden eyes shining like the brightest crystal or like the sun as it shines in the afternoon. They have tear shaped faces that are as smooth as the gazelle's skin yet each one of them seem stronger than a whole lot of the strongest men and women put together. Their heights are immense some of them are towering over 7 feet others are well over 10 feet. Tgese beautiful humans see our members for the first time as they stand gaping at these marvelous beings,.

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