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    Does the food we give to a child influence his behavioural pattern?

    The first five years of any child is very important as their growth, stamina, digestive power and above all the immunity depends on the food given to them. But since the size of the stomach of small children is just their fistful , we should be giving the right nutritious food and must not compel the child to eat what the adults eat just to fill up their tummies. And would it be right to say that what the child eats will influence the behavioural pattern, looks and many other factors related to the child?
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    There are many factors which will influence the behavioural pattern of the child. In that food is also one of the factors, I feel. The environment in which the child is being brought up, the behaviours of the parents and other family members, the financial status of the family and the food habits are some of the factors which will have a say on the behavioural pattern of the child.
    If any member of the family is having the habit of drinking or smoking, the children may not feel that it is wrong to drink or smoke. If all the family members spend money lavishly and never care for the money, the child also may get the same traits. If the mother cooks soft food the child will accustom to that and he will like that food only.
    If the family members are soft going and the children will also learn the same.

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    I agree with Dr Rao's view. There are many factors responsible for child development. Food may be one factor. How child is being nurtured? What is the lifestyle of a family member? These are some basic point in the build up child personality. Many families have accustomed to late-night dinner and then sleeping. So, that family's children also behave in the same manner. Some family are often seen fighting in a small issue. So, children also follow the same way after growing up. some family often like to have outside food. Therefore, Children are also accustomed to taking outside food.

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    Though the behaviour pattern of the child would depend upon many factors including the diets being served to the child. However, he is very sensitive to the environment where he is residing. He closely watches the activities of his parent and would copy their behaviours. Hence the parents must behave in a matured way before the child so that he does not pick up any habit for which the entire family has to repent at a later stage. He is watchful to the behaviour of the parents, the manners how they react in a particular issue and the ways how the cleanliness of the entire house is maintained. He thinks that his mother is the best cook and the foods cooked by her is his best dishes. He would be so much hooked to such dishes that it would be difficult for him to relinquish that dish despite attaining his maturity.
    Hence the behaviour pattern of a child would depend upon several factors being practiced in the family.

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