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    How to acquire good traits in our lives?

    Good behaviour and good manners have immense value in our lives. One can avoid many unpleasant situations just by etiquette and gentle gestures. Agitating, frowning, irritating, confronting, and offending would not be helpful and will only flare the situation further. It is easy to say like that but in our lives it is difficult to inculcate good mannerism. A child learns the basic etiquette from the parents and relatives who visit them, a student learns good behaviour from his teachers and companions, a conducive workplace can also induce good behaviour in people and like wise it is in general the society from where we pick up these traits and then they become a part of our lives. If our company is not good we would never learn good things, what to say of good etiquette. Should we leave that type of companionship? What else can be done to acquire good traits in our lives? Any suggestions?
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    There is a popular saying in Tamil that mention your friends name and we would gauge what is your character and your traits. It is true that good mannerism and etiquette are learned during the childhood and every parent is responsible to inculcate good habits in the children. If we have good friends and good people around us there is no chance of wrong thinking, short cut moves, doing wrong to the others. If these things are kept away, surely good traits are developed within us and mind it people who are near us are watching our behavior. One thing is sure, a good mannered person is always liked by the society.
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    Individual family, social, educational, economic and cultural background and circumstances in the society form the character or traits of every person. If the balance of all these is correct, then the character also becomes good and the character is also disturbed as soon as their balance is disturbed. The identity of society is not that you treat people better than you, but it makes you when treats people younger than you. The reason for this is simple, those with high status can be treated well due to practical etiquette, that is, there is no other option. Every person is identified by his attitude, so you should keep your attitude good to keep your behavior good, because if your attitude is good then your behavior will definitely be right. A good behavior person is always ready to help everyone, that is why if you are ready to help people, then the behavior of people will also be good towards you and your behavior will also be good.
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    The circumstances in which the children have grown up will have a big say on this. The family background and the habits of the parents and other family members will also have a lot of influence on the individual. A kid starts learning from their parents and once they start going to school they learn from teachers. The attitude of the co-students will also have a big say. Especially when they are in school they are not matured and they will not understand the pros and cons of the traits. They get attracted easily to some traits. Here the role of the parents and teachers will be crucial and they should see that they will not get into bad traits. Parents should have an eye on the kind of friends their kids are having and if necessary, they should be advising them to be in a good company and see that they will select good friends. If this is done until the children get accustomed to good traits and they get matured enough, the children will not get into bad habits.
    Parents should not be very strict and dictate terms. But they should explain the importance of adopting good habits and also should be telling the ill effect of bad habits. That will make the children realise themselves the importance of adopting good traits and leaving unwanted traits.

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    It depends a lot on the upbringing of a person. What is acceptable and what is not has to be understood by the children from an early age though, some change in behaviour can take place depending upon the people we are associated with on our daily lives. The people we regularly meet and work with has an influence on our behaviour and traits but whether to implement those or not depends on how we are brought up. It depends also on how well we analyze and modify ourselves if certain traits in us are unacceptable. Actually, we are not born with any traits or a pattern of behaviour and all these things are acquired on a regular basis. The companies a person choose can be a reflection of the traits and the pattern of behaviour of that person but it is better not to assume things. It may also happen that the person is well-mannered and like to enjoy the company of all kinds of persons without thinking much about the traits of others. Along with analyzing the situations, we need to analyze ourselves too and keep on learning throughout our lives so that we can acquire traits that will help us to progress.

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    Generally our traits and attributes are formed during our childhood and upbringing. Parents have to play a greater role in it. To somewhat extent it depends on our heredity also. Afterwards it is difficult to make changes in them. Still people attend workshops and special classes to change their traits but I am not sure how much that helps. Changing the already set habits is a difficult task in our lives.
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