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    Will US help India with new vaccine which is being distrubuted in October?

    It is really good news for the world that US President Donald Trump said that the vaccine for the Corona-19 virus has been found and it would be distributed in the coming October. Most of the countries including India are eagerly waiting for a break through in vaccine find and good that US and India are having best trade relations, best understanding between the two heads of the country and therefore India has the chance of getting the vaccine distribution to our country soon. Hope the menace of corona virus would stop with this vaccine.
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    Already some companies in India were identified by Russia and it was reported that they will give the vaccine to those companies. I have seen this in newspapers.
    Already I read somewhere that the USA agreed to give the technology of making a vaccine to some countries in India. Some India companies already developed vaccine and the clinical trials are in progress. All these will give us hope that we will get the vaccine for COVID 19 somewhere at the beginning of 2021,
    Once the vaccine comes the fear from the minds of the people will vanish as they will be sure that once he was vaccinated there is no chance of getting affected by the virus. We all look for that day to come.

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    October and November is important for us as Dassera and Deepavali would be round the corner and we need vaccine.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I feel that US will help India with the new vaccine invented and manufactured in US but only by safeguarding US business interests. That can be reasonably understood too. But US will give some beneficial preference to India on some terms and conditions.

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    If we recollect, India had sent some urgently required drugs and other medical item to US when there was the beginning phase of corona spread in US and it was desperate for help from India. So, we can hope that to reciprocate with India it would definitely show its gesture supplying or giving license to manufacture the vaccine in India. The present Govt in India is having quite effective foreign relations with the major countries like US.
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    At the moment we have good trade relations with US as pointed out by other members. So yes they'll help us develop the vaccine. Also we've helped them with getting cheaper medications, so yes most possibly they would help. Many Indian companies are already working with foreign partners to ensure that the vaccine is created at the earliest. Wish them all best !!!

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