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    Our perception is the key to joy and happiness.

    It is our perception that decides that how much happy or joyful we may become and nothing else. There are people who can only see thorns in a field full of roses and there are people who see a wildflower in a weed.

    It is always our perception that will decide how much happy we will be. I remember a photograph of 3 kids who won a competition, the kid who came first was serious and long face but the one who came third was the most happiest and joyful and was jumping with joy, just for being there.
    So it was just the perception of the kid which made him happy and not the competition in which he came third.

    When you are happy within, the outside situations never bother you.
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    Happiness is a state of the mind and it is something that cannot be valued in terms of money. Different people have different connotations in this regard and what makes a person happy may not be of any value for some other person. I remember long back when my article published in a leading internet site then one of my relative congratulated me and asked how much money I got from that. When I told him that I did not get any money for that he was disappointed and felt sorry. Then I explained him that I have to write a good number of articles before I become eligible for advertisement sharing revenue and then only I can hope some amount and it is going to take time and may be would take a few years. He was still not pleased with my explanation and told me that I could earn more from teaching the students in tuition classes. I finally told him that I liked to write and when it is selected for publishing I felt happy about it. Then only he stopped feeling bad about it.
    Knowledge is power.

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    To get happiness it is most important to be comfortable and calm about yourself. When we are comfortable in our present state, then we find happiness in every situation. There are many ways we can find happiness. But it is certain, we feel happiness from within ourselves. It is not obedient to any external means. Whether you are alone or with a loved one, every kind of happiness you get reaches you through a particular source. The magical source of this positive energy is our emotional brain. our soulful thinking has a big hand in our happiness. To get internal happiness, we must first understand our fear and overcome it. The best way to do this is to strengthen our confidence. one should reduce your attachment to people and things. There is no doubt that some external elements act as a motivator for happiness, but the truth is that happiness always comes from inside us. It is not that someone from outside has showered happiness on you and just you will be happy.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    True. It is our perception that will make our life. A person having a crore of rupees will be thinking about converting one crore to two crores while lying on his bed in an AC room. He can't sleep easily and he has to spend hours together without sleep. At the same time, a poor person who had his food in the night will sleep in his hut, thinking about the good taste of the food he had in the dinner. The state of the mind makes a lot of difference. A person who has contentment and not greedy will feel happy with whatever he is having.
    There is no end for wishes and trying always hard for getting the wishes fulfilled will make the person unhappy. So we should be always thinking and see the people who are suffering more than us and that will give you happiness and satisfaction and you will be thankful to God for all that whatever he has given you. God has given us flowers and thorns to the same plant. It the talent of the individual how he will pluck the flower without getting hurt by the thorns.

    always confident

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    Many time we feel depressed and sad just without any reason so it is our mindset that does it so and we have to tame it in such a way that it does not enter the negative and dark territories in our lives. In Psychology we read about these things and one has to keep oneself occupy in creative and positive things to attain happiness. It is said that happiness comes by working and not by idling. Some people feel that laziness is the best way to enjoy life but they are doing a great blunder as life is not to be wasted but is to be fully availed by engaging in positive activities. We would perceive what we do and not what we dream.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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