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    It is not right to take things always personally.

    If you are concerned about other people's opinions, if you say what others say, what you say and do to others, then you put yourself in the position of being injured. If you do not take anything personally, you will no longer be hurt by the words and actions of others. When you keep thinking how someone has said this about you, then that thing starts to appear in your behavior, this will only hurt you. You have to decide that nothing should affect your mood and keep yourself positive.
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    True. Many people take the words of others and apply them to themselves and feel that others are commenting on you. But the person may not have that thought and in general, he might have spoken those words.
    We should not apply everything to us. The person's intentions may be different. He may not be telling those words keeping in mind. Just hear his words and think about the point he stressed. If you feel he is correct and if you want to change, get changed or just ignore. As long as you think that what you are doing is correct in the given conditions you need not worry and need not take the remarks of the other person personally.

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    The best way to live peacefully and going to be with positive attitude, not to take every remark of others to the heart, and not giving credence to those unwanted suggestions that keep on pouring in from others for free. When we meet people there would be positive remarks and negative too. The other day one of my family relatives marraiage was held with the limited invitees and those who considered to be important were stay put in Chennai and day before yesterday only they arrived. As soon they arrived they wanted to see the new bride and groom. But instead of wishing them they chided as to why the marriage was held so urgently with limited guests that to by avoiding their presence for sure and this has hurt the boy and girl. But I pacified them to take the remark light and they cheered up within minutes to mingle up with all.
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    I strongly feel that for a cordial co-existence two things are required. First is do not make a personal attack on anyone who ever he or she is or whatever he or she had uttered or spoken about us. The second thing which is equally important is never take a thing personally even if the person had meant it. Reason is we should not give any importance to such people who make personal comment and when we ignore them they are already punished severely and defeatedly and we need not to further humiliate them in the matter. If you answer a person who is habitual of mudslinging on others, more mud would fly towards you. Avoid it. Ignore it. It would dissipate and burn out in its own heat.
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    When someone makes a personal remark on us then it is very difficult to control it and we answer it then and there. Later we feel that we should have ignored it. It is human nature to react and whenever someone says something that we cannot tolerate we would resort to answer back. It is nothing wrong in doing that. We must give an adequate answer to the person who is talking loosely.
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