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    Will India beat USA in the Corona case?

    In the case of Corona virus infection, India's condition is continuously deteriorating. For the past few days, around 90 thousand new patients are coming in daily in the country. India is currently at number two in terms of infection and is rapidly moving towards number one. No country is facing as many cases as India. Currently, the US is at number one and there are about 6,802,097 cases of corona infection. India is at the second place and there have been around 5,112,431 cases. If this remains the case, India will come first in the corona transition, despite the statistics, the negligence of people and corruption of the country is not decreasing. Today the person is also afraid to trusting the medical system, this is a big concern.
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    Corona is spreading at a steady rate in many places and it is slowly entering new places also where it was not much intense earlier. It is difficult to predict its future rate of spread as there are many factors going to contribute. One thing which comes to mind is may be by some strict lockdown measures we can postpone its spread to future months hoping for a vaccine and drug by that time. Right now everywhere in the world there is a desperate attempt to contain it. In some countries it is surprisingly contained to a good degree like UK. At the same time in some places like Australia and South Africa it has risen much. So there are various factors and reasons for its speed of progression and researchers are also doing a lot work on this virus and its proliferation in various parts of the globe. So far there is nothing conclusive about it. A good governance would definitely help in containing it. Citizens cooperation is also of paramount importance.
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    All depends on the way you look at the statistics. India is a country where the population is very high. The total population in our country is 135 crores. This is equal to 43 other countries in the world. The population of the USA is around 33 crores. It is almost 25% of the Indian population. if we compare the percentage to the total population, India will not be there in the first place. The recovery rate in India is about 78%. The recovery rate in the USA is about 60%. The death rate in the USA is 2.9% whereas it is 1.8% in India. This shows that even though the cases in number are more deaths are less and people who are recovering are also more. The percentage of people who are getting infected is also less.
    The government has to see that awareness will be improved among the people about the problem and should see that all the people will get the required medical facilities. The people should also cooperate with the government by taking the required precautions that are being informed by the government.
    In our country, another problem is population density. This is a negative factor and chances of virus spreading are very high.

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    Even if our country moves to the first place in the world in terms of highest number of covid cases across the country, we need not worry because given the population of 130 crores we are well contained the spread and the vaccine from the US and Russia in sight and we ourselves are trying to have the vaccines through the Serum Institute Pune by Oct this year. But no one is giving credence to our recovery rate also which is high when compared to other countries. If the people could behave orderly and before the vaccine shots comes, India should contain the further spread. Now the opening of schools, colleges, buses and trains are on hold and we are containing the spread that way. But how long the economy can be put on hold and sooner or later everything would be opened and the people would be advised to mend ther ways.
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    The way it is spreading in our country it seems inevitable that we would be able to contain it so soon as was envisaged earlier during the initial lockdowns. Now the only hope is some of the vaccines and drugs which are being introduced in October/November months in some countries across the world and if they succeed we would also get it from them or manufacture them in our own country.
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    Sir, this entirely depends upon the demographics of our country and US. Folks might say that better medical facilities might be a thing but it all boils down to demographics. The nu,ber people affected in our country vs the entire population which is huge as compared to US. Yet we've managed to pull ourselves out atleast to a certain extent. I think this is not the time to race with each other but rather collaborate and support so that we can defeat the virus and get our economy back on track as soon as possible.

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