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    How to believe on medical staff during Corona Times?

    How to believe on medical staff during Corona Times? We heard many news like kidney thief so I really afraid that how we can believe on medical staff and what to do to take some extra precaution . I think precaution is better than cure.
    Lot of people not taking Corona treatment due to that reason if Doctor will do like this then people will go where. I think Government should make some extra rules and restriction to put eye on medical activities with the people or patients.
    Some places doctor's killing people to take kidney only and if patient is having corona then nobody will go to see and check whether kidney is there or not so its very dangerous point and need to discuss to reach on some solution.
    You can watch many videos on social media sites that some days some incident happen like that. Please share your views on this as this is very important for all of us.
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    Probably this may be rumor spread by the vested interest to defame the doctors and medical staff at large. At present doctors are the Gods for every one of us and for the corona patient they are the ultimate saviors. The general public has all sorts of doubts as none are sent to the corona ward or no one can visit the corona patient. In that case someone might have created this rumor and now it has spread to this forum also. The life itself progress with trust and belief and we have to trust the doctors and hospitals. If the patient can afford they can go to the private hospitals wherein everything done on camera, And if the patients are still worried they can opt for the home quarantine to which they have to strictly follow the rules as per the doctors advice. Therefore blaming the doctors should be avoided,
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    I doubt this information. The news that will come on social media may not be correct and may be fake. The private hospitals are charging heavily for treating Corona patients. That is a piece of confirmed news. I know some persons who paid some lakhs of rupees for their treatment for Corona. In this regard, I had a discussion about this with the Managing Director of a corporate hospital whom I know well. The points he said are also worth understanding. He said that the doctors and the staff are demanding very high compensation to work in Corona wards. The reason they say also is valid. They say they are putting their life at risk and their family will be in difficulties if something happens to them.
    As the patient is alone and no escort is allowed in that section, the family members of the patient may doubt whether the medication and other activities are done or not. For that, the hospital is taking video and affixing time and date on the photo and sending them their family members.
    There may be one or two doctors we may be resorting to such worst practices. But we can't generalise that. Faith and belief in the doctor are very important to get cured.

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    Remember, All doctors are not kidney thieves. There could be some hospitals where the hospital must be making money through kidney stealing. It doesn't happen in small hospitals. The percentage could be .001 of the hospitals in India. But I worry about the heavy fee in lakhs, collected from the Corona patients.
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    I have heard similar news from one of my friends from Hyderabad but it is all up to us whether to believe it or not. In the current situation, I do not think that we have any other option except trusting the doctors. Organ trafficking is a well-known crime and the situation is favourable for it where the doctors need not give the dead body to the family but then not all doctors are the same. The best solution is to take precautions and be safe.

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    It remains a big question today how much it would be appropriate to rely on doctors and the medical system. In the Corona era, day-by-day fear-provoking situation is becoming in the country. Every day Corona cases are increasing such that it is difficult to say anything at the moment. In such a situation, our Corona Warriors are constantly working day and night to serve the people. In this situation, a person is feeling helpless, but at this time we have the option to protect ourselves, first of all, to protect ourselves so that we can avoid virus infection and secondly if there is any kind of healthy If in doubt, keep getting advice from our familiar doctors whom we trust.
    Swati Sharma

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    This is a very insinuating line of thinking. Thinking that all the doctors are after the kidneys of patients is ridiculous. The doctors and the supporting staff are bravely working in these pandemic conditions. We have to appreciate them rather than doubting their integrity.
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    The ways the doctors are handling the cases of corona patients are reflective of their dedication, sacrifice and their inner urge for their speedy recovery. During the process of treatment, they themselves are infected with the same virus but despite this they are not lagging behind in discharging their roles in serving the ailing patients.
    Hence these doctors are definitely next to God forgetting even their families in course of serving their patients and a few reports to malign this profession is highly unjustified. There are black sheeps everywhere and may be a few in number are involved in such nasty business such as removal of kidney or some vital organs at the insistence of some parties offering the doctors a huge amount, but such kind of operations are not done in multi hospitals but rather same misdeeds are carried out by the doctors operating some private clinics.
    By analysing a few cases of maloperations, the entire community of the doctors should not be blamed.

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    It's not fair to generalize this issue, however, some of the private hospitals have been reported of committing this crime but all hospitals/doctors are not alike. Most of them are really doing a great job.

    One of my relatives had died of the corona about two weeks ago. He was quite healthy. He was a highly health-conscious person. It was his habit to keep in touch with doctors concerning his fitness and health. Actually, what happened to him is that his own elder brother was admitted in a big private hospital in Noida and he went to see him. He stayed overnight with his brother's family. There he told his nephews that he would like to get his check-up done in the same hospital where his elder brother was hospitalized. His nephews and other family members forbade him to do so because he had no fever. Next day when he visited that hospital he got Corona test done there. He was declared a corona positive and was asked to deposit money as an advance for his treatment. On the third day, he was in ICU and then on a ventilator and after spending more or less one million rupees he was declared dead. His body was not given to his family, rather, hospital staff brought his body to the graveyard in Noida directly. His wife and his 10 years old only son were in home town which is at a distance of 200 k.m. Nobody was allowed to see the dead body, only 4 people which included his wife, son and two nephews were permitted to see his face. I saw the photographs. There was a mark of the wound on his chin. People couldn't grasp it. why a healthy person was shifted to ventilator within a few days is beyond perception. His nephew saw him in a dream wherein he said that he was killed. God knows reality.

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    Doctor's profession is very important as they deal with the lives of people. Even a single mistake or malpractice they do someone's life would be gone. So, there might be a few doctors or hospitals doing such mean things but it affects the reputation of whole the medical fraternity. It is true that more strictness and governance is required in this sensitive area. If people lose faith in the doctors the where they would go for their treatment. Another important factor to be considered is the governance is required in every area. We cannot afford a new bridge to collapse itself because the contractor used inferior material. Bridge is not a lifeless thing so we do not bother but if a single mistake happens in the hospital we make hue and cry. So there is a need of improving governance in all the fields and then naturally the medical fraternity would also think twice before doing any unethical thing.
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    Just you all think on your family and friend circle how many kids delivery happen in normal way. I Know its not good question but to bring notice on that most cases delivery happen by operation because they want to take more money. My friends told story of his wife he gone one hospital for his wife kids delivery they suggested operation but then he take his wife to other hospital then there delivery happen normal way. Its practical we seen many times so its not fake most cases.
    Santosh Kumar Singh
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