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    Is it the way how things should happen?

    Now he is a Block Development Officer in a district of West Bengal. He has neither done anything significant nor is he my friend who needs a special mention. So, you may ask what a big deal in being a BDO is. There is no such big deal but I am astonished to find that person as a BDO because of all the wrong reasons.

    We are aware of the politicians in every layer of society and many of the politicians are not liked by the masses because of their opportunistic nature and many also have a tacit understanding with the criminals in a locality so that they can stay in power by intimidating others. There are efficient people in the local administration like the municipalities and the panchayats and they play a lead role to carry out the developmental work in a locality though they also at times are influenced by the mighty politicians. Now the BDO in question is a resident in our area, but a BDO in a distant place far away from our district. When he was young, he was associated with many socially unacceptable activities and because of that, he had to frequent the local courts and police stations. He used to taunt the local authorities in a bad manner and was an expert in playing hide and seek with them to avoid being caught. You cannot term all these things as the action of a naughty boy and it can be well said that he was notorious in the locality as well as in the eyes of local administration. The question is how he is functioning as a BDO now? Weren't these entire special 'qualities' taken into account while selecting him the BDO? If these things are not taken into account are we going to see true development throughout the country?
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    Normally a block development officer being appointed after all the credentials of the candidate and that includes any bad remark or police look out or even police cases against him. It seems that person has manged everything to get this job and now probably behaving the right manner. But the past records were to be verified before giving appointment and if anyone complaints about this the departmental inquiry can be made to ascertain his past misdeeds and even be put behind bars for managing the activities to get the BDO job. Who will bell the cat to know the misdeeds of his past is the matter here.
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    In general, for all the government postings after selection before issuing the appointment letter, there will be a police verification. If there are cases registered against him, those cases should be mentioned in the report. That means no cases are registered against him on his original name. There may be some cases with a different name and the official name may be something different from that. Otherwise, he might have managed the police to avoid mentioning about those cases. Then it is possible to get selected.
    These days everything is possible for a cot. All depends on the individual's ability in managing the issues and people with money. So we need not get astonished to see such people in important positions. I also know a person with a very bad record but got appointed as an Executive officer in a Panchayat. His name in the official document is different and his known name is different. Police cases were there on his known name and he got the appointment letter on his official name. After getting selected he changed his behaviour and became a good officer.

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