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    Region-specific languages are important.

    Any language is made up of words and those words are often taken from local dialects. With the end of language or coming into crisis, there is also the danger of the end of the culture of a particular region. Serious efforts should be made at every level to conserve language and dialects. Governments operate at their own pace, but that pace is too slow for language and words preservation of dialects. Emphasis is placed on easy words in journalism, especially in TV journalism, in order to make sentences more easy, words like English are often used. There are many ways of preserving it, such as this work must be done in journalism and literature because both these genres affect the common man's speech to a deep extent.
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    I am totally agreeing with the author that region specific languages must be practiced and preserved by the respective state governments and in this regard I wish to complement and congratulate the Telangana V6 Telugu channels which uses the Telangana dialect in their news presentation and that brings in wholesome happiness and enjoyment too because no English word is used and totally Telangana Telugu dialect is used over the entire presentation of the news. This way every state should emulate and have the news and programs in their own language so that the regional languages are preserved and practiced for ever.
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    True. The regional languages should be taken care of. Newspapers and TV channels are having a lot of impact on this.
    Eenadu a Telugu newspaper and it is the highest circulated Telugu daily newspaper. In their entire paper, they avoid mixing other language words and they take care in such a way that an English word will get in, The Editorial written by them will be a masterpiece for the local language lover.
    Now, because of the influence of the English Language on the people. these words are coming into the local language. Many words from the local language are missing and even some alphabets are getting eliminated. This should not be allowed and local languages should be protected.
    Unfortunately, the AP government is insisting on going for English medium from the primary school itself and they are not ready to give any choice of going for local language medium to the students are parents.

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    I am afraid that we are growing more and more chauvinistic and shrinking rather than expanding with open minds and open hearts. All over the world we can now see such narrow tendencies based on commonness of religion, region, geography, language, race and many such hairline split divisions.
    While it is always good and welcome to conserve heritages and antiques, as they bear the proof of our evolutional history, that should not fall down to narrow-ism of segregation and inequality in minds.
    Everyone should appreciate and try to understand and imbibe others language, art, culture, life style and food habits. While one should always be proud of and take care of one's own mother they should also place mothers of others also in almost equal pedestal.

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    Very true. We should preserve our regional language at any cost. As language has been the identity of any region. Language has been related to culture. So, if language goes then culture will automatically end. It is our responsibility to preserve its identity. But, very few people will do this. It is very difficult to save its identity day by day. As the English language is taking the position of any language. The existence of some language is going to end. First, we should come forward for the preservation of regional language then govt will also try.

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