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    Announcing winners for classroom lecture contest

    On teacher's day, we announced a classroom lecture contest and now it is the time to announce the winners. We are grateful to all the participants who have taken their time to write some really great and professional classroom lectures. Therefore, all the eligible non-winning entries that had followed the contest rules, forum posting guidelines and have creative value will receive enhanced cc.

    Umesh and Dr. Deepali Gangwar are joint first prize winners with 125 cc each.

    Neeru Bhatt is the second prize winner with 100 cc and

    shampa sadhya is the third prize winner with 75 cc

    Please join us in congratulating the winners of this contest.
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    My congratulations to all the winners of the classroom lecture contest. They have submitted classroom lectures on different topics which are going to help many to understand the subject in a good way.

    Well done, everybody!


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    I have an earnest request to make. Although I have received the third prize, I feel, I don't deserve it. I made a mistake in explaining the meaning of the title 'Gora', due to a small confusion. If you wish that someone else should receive the award in such a case, then kindly do so. I further request you to allow me to edit my mistake. Just because of my wrong explanation of the title of the novel, the students would have confusion. Kindly permit me to change or else the lecture on Gora would lose its value because of a silly mistake.


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    Congratulations to Mr. Umesh and Dr. Deepali Gangwar for winning this classroom lecture writing contest. I also extend my wishes to Neeru Bhatt and Shampa for securing and 2nd and 3rd positions respectively in the same.

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    Every lecture explained in class should be motivative and should also include the gist of the content. Students will be able to recall, grasp and will only revise for exams. Congratulations to all members who could write the lecture which is a difficult task.
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    Congratulations to the joint first prize winners Umesh Sir and Dr Deepali Gangwar. My congratulations to the second prize winner Neeru Bhatt. Keep it up!

    The contest was unique, it's because I am not in touch with course material any more, so writing a lecture for the postgraduate students was a challenge. Well, I made a small mistake which ruined my effort. Every participant gave their best.


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    Congrats to Umesh and Dr Deepali for jointly winning the class room lecture contest and a word of appreciation also goes to Neeru and Shampa for winning second and third prize.
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    Shampa, you submitted your entry on the 10th of Sept and the results have been announced on the 17th. May we know what you were doing till now? Please put up in this thread as to what was the mistake you committed? We will assess the same and change the prize if required. I feel you should have intimated your error earlier instead of waiting for the results to be announced. To cut it short, I personally feel that it was unethical on your part to have waited.
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    Congrats to all the winners of the classroom lecture contest. I tried to project a great man and make aware of the student members about Sir Adolf Hitler who was the Hero of World War II in detail, but got defeated. This contest helped me to go back and study history to know much about World War I and II.
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    I am happy to see my award for the classroom lecture for the PG students. Incidentally I had been a lecturer in Physics for 3 year in a college and probably that experience helped me here. I also take this opportunity to congratulate other winners and appreciate their outstanding entries in this unique contest. Well done and keep it up. If I remember correctly there was a contest on similar footing earlier but it was general lecture and was not for any particular level. This one was for PG level and so we had to select the content and its level accordingly.
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    Congratulations to first winners Mr. Umesh and Dr. Deepali for their unique contributions leading to the winners of the class room contest. At the same time, my appreciation goes to both Neeru Bhatt and Shampa having secured second and third prizes respectively for the same contest.
    So we are in the midst of numerous knowledgeable members and conducting such competitions will help us to know the real potentials of our members.
    Once again thanks to the winners for their unique contributions.

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    I thank ISC for my award in this PG lecture contest and at the same time congratulate the other winners Umesh, Deepali, and Shampa for their respective awards. Well done members and keep it up.
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    Congratulations to all the winners. We should appreciate shampa sadhya for accepting the mistake in her lecture. It is very rare that a prize winner accepting his/her mistake. Only thing is that she might have mentioned about this mistake a little before. Anyhow sometimes it happens. The content of the lecture may not be a point in deciding the prize. The way it is written and the language may be the criteria for deciding the prizes as all the competitions here are to improve the writing abilities of the members. Good contest and well-conducted.
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    @Saji Ganesh

    What was I doing is a very valid question, you asked. Let me inform you that you must have noticed I was not very active on the site for the period you mentioned. I think keeping unwell as well as maintaining family priorities cannot be termed as unethical. It would not have been ethical, if I had not at all informed or not requested Joyshree, the Editor, to give the prize to someone else, if she desired to do so. I could have accepted the award quietly, isn't it?

    Well, let me come to the mistake I made in my post. Everything I wrote about the novel is correct absolutely. I got confused about the meaning of the title because, in English, there is only one 'R'. In Bengali, there is more than one. Thus, the error is in explaining the meaning of the protagonist's name 'Gora'. The story deals with the stubborn attitude of the protagonist, but in Bengali, Tagore used a different 'R' in the spelling of Gora, which changes the meaning of the title. Tagore meant a fair or white-skinned person because Gora, the hero, was an Irish man, though I defined it as rigid. That's the only mistake I committed.

    I think I have explained my point of view clearly. Now, you can change your decision of awarding the third prize to any participant. I won't have any qualms because I believe in honesty. One should think twice before using the term unethical.

    Thank you


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    @ Dr Rao

    Thank you very much for your appreciating words. Yes, I was late in informing my mistake due to my health issue. Still, I did it even after winning 75 cc which is termed as unethical by the Lead Editor. It's extremely demeaning. Thank you once again for appreciating my gesture.


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    Shampa, why I said unethical was because you chose to/ could inform only after the results were declared. It is not demeaning, it is just a valid suggestion. I do agree that there may have been health issues or some other personal engagements which are quite natural, but I do believe that you could have at least put in a word as a response to the thread once you realised your mistake which I am sure did not dawn upon you after seeing the results. In your entry itself, while asking for the meaning of Gora, we have some students replying that it means fair and only one student, being a Bengali giving the correct meaning as 'rigid'. Didn't it click then? I am not casting doubts on your genuine issues or your honesty but I do feel that there are some missing links. But I suggest we leave it here.

    See, the question is not of giving the prize to another entry which is next in line. It is not a big deal. The question is of the confusion that has been created once the results have been declared which could have been avoided. The meaning of a regional word that has been wrongly explained is, as far as I am concerned, immaterial as far as this contest is concerned. It is the way the lecture has been presented that is more important. It is not, after all, a scientific theory, historical fact or a mathematical equation. And so there is no need to change the winners' list, I feel.

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    @Saji Ganesh

    Let me clear your doubt that when I wrote those lines as mentioned by you in your last comment, it did not click then that I was making a mistake. The reason behind it is I have the novel 'Gora' in English. The original spelling of Gora in Bengali did not come to my mind. When I realized my fault, I was not that well to work on the computer. Due to my health, it slipped my mind, but the moment I saw the result yesterday, it struck my mind and immediately conveyed it. I did not do it to create any confusion but wanted my conscience to be guilt-free.

    Well, as you suggested to leave the matter, so it's fine with me too. I sincerely request you to allow me to rectify the error because imparting wrong knowledge to any viewer through ISC is not right according to me. Now, it's up to you.


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    Once again, I remind ISC to honour the authors who have spent their valuable time to participate and write about 1000 words.
    My humble request is - Oh! ISC, Provide some CC as incentive to the members who participated in the classroom lecture contest. It could be Rs. 1 or 2 or 5 or 10. Do some justice to the participant members.

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    Congratulations to Umesh Sir for winning the contest, Neeru Bhatt and Shampa Sadhya for winninng 2nd and 3rd prize. I am also thankful to ISC for selecting my entry for prize.

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    Congratulations to all the winners on winning the contest. I know what it takes to write a 1000 word article and without passion it will be a torture.

    Keep up the good work done.

    Live before you leave.

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    Sun at #710342, hope you have read the announcement thread properly. All the eligible entries will be rewarded with enhanced points and cc. Please be patient.
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    Many congratulations to the winners Umesh and Dr Deepali, second prize winner Neeru Bhatta and the third prize winner Shampa Sadhya! Well done. A word of appreciation also goes to all the participants who had also put in their best efforts.

    The cash rewards and points to the winners have been credited.

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    My hearty congratulations to the first prize winners of the classroom lecture contest Umesh and Dr. Deepali Gangwar, Neeru Bhatt for the second prize winner and shampa sadhya for winning the third prize.

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    My hearty congratulations to all the winner of the class room lecture contest. All the best and keep it up.
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