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    Do you feed a stray animal or are you afraid of them?

    In india, we respect all forms of life and life giving resources, be it animals, plant, birds, insects and all other natural resources. For the same reason we either pray to them and also feed them whenever possible. But nowadays not everyone thinks the same way.

    We see many stray animals and cattle around us and mostly it is cow or dogs. Now, I have seen very few people feeding them and many other either running away from them or beating them.

    If you see a stray animal then what do you do with them? Do you feed them or chase them away?
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    As long as the stray animals get the food timely and not being disturbed in their habitat they are also good to human being and work as the guard during the night. There are about 10 stray dogs in our colony and we feed them regularly, and on seeing us they come charging to have some food being offered by us. If not regular food some biscuits can be offered so that the stray dogs wont attack or cause injuries to us. The other day a stray dog braved to follow the colony resident who was going on his cycle and it seems he regularly feed the dogs. Once the dog tasted the food they would never forget the offering person and they would be ever obedient. And in this case the person was going for short trip on cycle and the stray dog followed him and came back safely braving the attacks and barking of other dogs en route.
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    I love feeding cows since my childhood. I have seen my grandmother feeding the very first chapati to the cow every day. I started doing the same. Cows are very silent animals and can rarely harm anyone. When my son started his playschool, there was a Ganapati temple and a small cowshed nearby, so I started carrying chapatis with me to feed those cows. This is how my son learned to feed cows. I also like feeding squirrels in parks and gardens. Whenever we go out to any such place, I never forget to carry peanuts for them.

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    We feed cows. We feel that feeding a cow is pious. So we never miss a chance if a cow comes in our street. We feed it with some items like grass, bananas and some times raw rice. We, the Hindus, worship cow as a God. We feel happy in contributing something to the welfare of these cows. So when we see a cow in our street we never miss feeding it.
    Feeding a dog is also good. As all animals will also like us only and they will have hunger. So feeding them is like feeding a person who is hungry. As such we should not hesitate to feed a stray animal. But sometimes we may be getting irritated as these dogs will start coming and disturb us. So we should feed sometimes these dogs and sometimes we should not. Then they will not come regularly.
    Many people will have a fear for stray Dogs and they will try to run away from them.

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