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    Physical pain is important to keep the integrity of this body together.

    Our human body is a super intelligence machine and has all the necessary mechanism to keep itself intact in one piece. One smart quality of this physical body is 'pain'.

    Whenever we get hurt we immediately try to heal it using some medication and also remember the way and thing we got hurt with and try to avoid such painful encounter again. We have this memory in our body that if we fall down we will get hurt so we always try to balance ourselves and also walk or run cautiously.

    If there was no pain in body then we might cut our bodies from so many places and become totally insensitive towards it. We don't mind cutting our hair into so many styles because there is no pain. If we had no pain then we will first of all cut our stomach tyre and become slim, but the pain of this body prevents us from doing so.

    What do you think you would do if, there was no pain in your body?
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    As we grow up we get the wisdom to save ourselves from fall and injury as the pain from that would be taxing and continuing till the wound is healed. Our skin has seven layers and once the fall or accident takes place the deep cut pay even broke the bones and that need to be operated for even airline fracture and in that case the pain would be unbearable and the ordeal known to that person only. By the way when the injury is small say when we walk we get to bang the leg fingers somewhere and even during starting a vehicle we may get slightly injured. And our human body tendency to heal on its own will also happen if the person is not a diabetic patient. So pain has to be there and we must avoid the same as far as possible and no pain is greater that pregnancy pain which give ordeal time for the womanhood.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even now many people go for surgeries to slim their bodies or for a better physical appearance. This surgery is nothing but cutting only but they will do this after giving some sedatives so that the patient will not feel the pain. If there is no pain people do that surgery on their own and no necessity of anaesthesia. So nobody will bother.
    Some times when there are disputes between people, they go for physical abuse and one may be hurting physically the other. If there is no pain the other person may not worry much for small injuries and try to make a severe injury to the other person.
    Pain should be there and then only there will be some peace in the world. If there is no pain, then only killing will become the only option for the people and the numbers of murders may increase.
    God has made all the arrangements thinking all the pros and cons and I think he has given the best system to human beings.

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    Pain is a message that our body creates whenever something wrong happens with it either internally or due to external factors. So, it is an alarm for taking corrective actions. If alarm fails we fail.
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    The healthy response is that we have pain, it tells us that something is wrong, the pain will be over as soon as its treatment is done. The experience of pain is important so that you can ask for help, for example if a person has appendicitis or a heart attack, then the feeling of pain becomes life saving for him. People who do not have sensitivity to pain or who do not feel pain, they do not experience the severity of wounds and often die at a young age.
    Some elders often jokingly say that the feeling of pain after an age becomes a permanent feeling of life, and the feeling of pain after waking up in the morning suggests that they are still alive.

    Swati Sharma

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    Pain is not a disease but a symptom that something is going on wrong somewhere in the body and it asks us to get it diagnosed by the qualified medical practitioner who would find out the real reason behind the pain to cure the underlying ailment. The feeling of pain is always an undesired and unwanted thing but if it is there we have to honour it and try to get relieved from it. In absence of feeling of pain the body would get damaged beyond control and there would not be any way to revive it back. So, pain is an important reaction of the body and cannot be dispensed with.
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    We are really grateful to God providing us the body mechanism working continuously without having any symptom of pain. This is the indication that entire organs are in the normal conditions but pain in any region is indicative of some disorder in the area where it is felt. This is certainly a perfect mechanism so that we can explain the doctor which area needs his under priority for treatment. In absence of that sensitivity, the diagnosis of the disorder could not have been identified. However, the body has its own healing system. Instead of rushing to the doctor immediately, we should wait and see how the body reacts with such a pain and should ensure whether healing process has started or not. Normally for a minor issue it may not take beyond a fortnight and if the process of recovery is slow, we may visit the doctor in connection with treatment.

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