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    Why read so many terms and conditions when you don't have an option.

    We daily come across so many T&C's while purchasing a product or visiting a website or buying a financial products. There are so many of them and also written in such small fonts that one would need a lens to read them.

    Also, if we have to avail the service or use the product or visit a site then we have to accept all the T&C's to proceed further. When we don't have an option to deny accepting the T&C's, then why give so many conditions and even if we have any objection to any terms or conditions then is it going to change for us.

    Do you ever read the T&C you comes across in your daily life?
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    Nice post from the author. When you have decided to purchase a product it is expressly believed that you are adhering to the terms and conditions of the purchase and thus there is no option. Though the market is consumer oriented and entitled to after sales service and also product replacement during the guarantee period we are not interested to read further more and thus accept and there is no other go. Even when you go for the education loan from the banks with good government surety as the guarantor, the signing of the terms and conditions runs into 60 pages and more as if the bank is binding the borrower and the guarantor to the hilt.. The documentation is the regular process to which none would follow and it is taken as per the loan rules. By the way will the bank return back all the signed documents once the loan was fully repaid?
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    If we are thorough gentlemen, sincere and decent, capable of making payment in time, we need not worry about the terms and conditions. We can simply buy the product by paying the full amount or in instalments. I don't waste time in reading the T&C . And I never faced any problems in my life. T&C doesn't vary much with each product. Important T&Cs can be asked verbally.
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    There is no necessity of reading the Terms and Conditions. If we want to get into that website or if you want to purchase that product, you have to accept. There is no option for you. This is for the safety of the seller or the web developer. If tomorrow you raise any dispute they say this is the policy and our decision is final. We have to keep silent. If this agreement is not there, you can raise many issues and they have to waste a lot of time always addressing your disputes. It is not for the benefit of the customer or member but for the benefit of the company only.
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    Once in a while we should go though the T & C also but not every time. It is better to have some idea of legal angles which might come if there is a dispute. While going to consumer court it always helps if you have read some sample T & C. The suppliers and sellers are very particular in making and presenting the T & C because they have to protect themselves from all sort of bizarre claims raised by the prospective buyers. Some aggressive buyers can go to any extent but it is the small print in T & C that always comes to the rescue of the supplier. I have one experience about a mobile battery which I found as dead on receiving and the supplier told that there is no problem and it would be taken back immediately by the delivery person and there would be quick refund of money. From the incident I derived that as if they knew that battery was dead and they simply took a chance to somehow dispose it to the gullible buyer. Their T & C clearly mentioned that they would do that. Instead of discarding they might be sending the same dead battery to so many customers and even if one of them is rich enough not to bother for it the supplier is happy. Remember we have not drafted their T & C, some intelligent lawyer might had done that.
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    More than the T&Cs in general, look for the warranty or guarantee details of that product. That would suffice. The T&C for warranty period is the important requirement.
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    While we don't have any option other than accepting terms and conditions in most cases, it is always a good practice skim through it. We will get at least get to know few things as each of the terms will have topic mentioned in bold so we will know what will be in there and read only those who needs attention. Some examples of these are fee details, guarantee details and expiry/validity of products. I usually go through it quickly in less than a minute and would everyone at least to do that.

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    I think very few people would be reading those fine prints which go for so many pages of legal jargon. Even if we read it, I have my own doubts whether people can really make out something out of that which would be useful in future in case of disputes.
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