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    Can we live without relatives and freinds?

    Just now, we had been to the house of a close relatives and to our surprise they have been visited by our mutual friends to whom we have seen after many years. Immediately after seeing us, our relative kept on sobbing for having missed us a lot and she was inquiring about our children and their well being. Likewise the mutual friend who went out of country for some years came back and on seeing the reunion they could not stop their happiness. This proves that we cannot live without relatives and friends even though we pretend to be aloof from others.
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    Living without friends and relatives maybe difficult but not impossible. Our family will be there and they will be with us and we will try to manage with them. But it is always nice to have well-wishers. They may be friends or relatives. They will be useful for us when we need them if we help them when they need it. Like this mutual cooperation will go on. When we feel alone if we talk to them we feel we relieved.
    The electronic devices made us alone and we even don't spend time with our family members. We will be busy with electronic gadgets. But we may be meeting them once in w while when we go out. But COVID 19 has restricted our movements. Then these mobiles helped us in keeping contact with our friends and relatives. I have contacted many of my old friends and talked to them during this COVID period.
    We should be good with our friends and relatives and we should keep talking to them once in a while so that our relationships will continue and go in a positive mood.

    always confident

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    Though social media give us the wide platform to chat and convey but the personal touch of visiting the relatives and friends is always give us new pep in life.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    For sake of survival relatives and friends move to different states and also different countries but the feel of being together can never be compensated by social media or technology.

    Although to think that it is impossible to live without relatives and friends is an overstatement because there are many who lose everyone not just relatives but also friends but continue to live life joyfully. Such people not only know the real meaning of life but are more balanced.

    But yes, in general having friends and relatives makes many things easy and enjoyable provided, you never ask them for money in need.

    Live before you leave.

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    Friends and relatives are part of our lives but it doesn't mean we can't live without them. However, we should keep in touch with them and try to have friendly and cordial relations with them. Also amiabillty of this relationship depends on how much sensitive and serious they are about this matter. If they are unwilling to have ties with you, I think you will no more bother to spend your time with them. All of us are too much busy in our lives. We can't make any complaint about others because they are also busy in this rat race.
    What personal experience you have mentioned here is quite intrinsic and natural, in such situations feelings and emotions which emanate from the core of the heart are invaluable. Obviously, It happens when you meet your old time friends or relatives whom you have not met for ages, you become emotional while meeting with them. I was watching an old episode of Oprah Winfry Show in which she invited parents, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters who had not met to each other for 20/25 years. It was really an emotionally touching scene because they were not aware of each other's invitation to the same programme and when they saw, having embraced each other they literally cried.

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    It is too difficult for anyone to live without friends and relatives. We born with many relations made by god and some of the relation made by ourselves, both have their own importance. good friends to live life. Friendship is considered to be the most beautiful relationship in the world. We choose our friends and sometimes some people as opposed to the family members and relatives who form a part of our lives whether we want them or not. A person who has a group of good friends is happier than those who do not do it. I belive life goes on in a easy way when we have supporting , caring, and living relatives or friends.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    Building and being in any relatiionship is part and parcel of being human. Unless you're interested in solving some deep mystrey so you sit in a cave for sadhna for a couple of years before you get the prapti. Or you're a self- proclaimed loner. Even then you cannot survive without relationship. You see it's a primal glue that sticks us together no matter what. Hence l7v7ng without friends anc family may be possible temporarily, but not in a permanent situation.

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    Yes we can live till our blood is cold and once the blood is getting dry we are in the level of searching people. In young age that too after marriage couple normally wishes to stay alone by leaving both side friends and relatives. Once the lady start carrying a child they are in need of help of others and they feel then, as their relatives are better people to help them.
    Similar thing I heard in the Madurai Private Hospital. When I was staying outside of CCU, as an attendant when my cousin brother got admitted there. Then a lady about 65 years old was also sitting by my side as her husband was inside the CCU with heart attack. Next day morning after telling her I went to refresh myself and after having a coffee I return to that place. I asked that lady to go for a cup of coffee or tea and I asked her husband name as if they call for anything I would intimate her. She told his name and went with tears. Later she came with tears and when I asked reason for her tears, she told that she and her husband were rich people in nearby city with four to five own houses. Their two sons were in foreign countries. Her husband since their marriage prevented to contact both side relations and they brought up their sons only on their own. She told that,'because of his adamant, now I am helpless as no one to help me here though we have enough money. This money does not give me consolation but he lied in the hospital bed without knowledge and any worry as he left everything to me.' It was very pity to see her position. Till her husband's shifting to normal room, I and my sister helped that old lady for coffee/tea/lunch etc.,

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