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    Some of us are addicted with assume, presume and resume phobia

    It is the fact that some of us taking the happenings to be granted and we assume something, but the matter would be to presume something else and however we go ahead to resume the same. There is no doubt that assumptions are based on the experience and traits of the respective persons on each and every issues, but presuming the same is purely a personal trait to which none are responsible and again to support our wrong presuming, we tend to resume the same old issue or matter to which others already gave their slip and not interested.
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    Many times the happenings and results do not follow the path that we assumed or presumed about them. They go to different directions which we even did not dream. So assumptions are generally based on the past experiences and sometimes are laced with our aspirations also as no one wants to be thinking in a negative arena. When we find things gone haywire and gone totally beyond our control then the only thing left with us is to resume the activity with new parameters and new hopes for success this time. Still assumptions and presumptions are a part of our lives.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Assume and presume are almost similar words. If there is reasonable evidence for your thought, it can be presumed otherwise it is assumed.
    Sometimes we assume something and start progressing. If the work is progressing as per assumption we will presume that our end result will be what we thought. If in between it goes in a different way, we will assume something else we may resume the work in that direction. But sometimes the work will progress in the direction what we presumed and we will be successful and then our confidence level will go up.

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    Everyone assumes or presumes at some point of time in ones life but unfortunately our assumptions do not come true when we see them in terms of real life results of our efforts and hard work.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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