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    More than the masks and physical distancing the immunity matters

    When we contact any person or talk with anyone they are discussing the subject of immunity and how to keep fit without going for costly medicine and exercises but to raise the immunity level within us because the self confidence is alone the best medicine to fight the corona spread even though the masks and maintaining physical distance has become the secondary importance. According to you what are the immunity items which are available around us at all time and how we should keep the immunity up and not dwindling?
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    Yes. Immunity is very important. But maks and social distance are preventive methods. Immunity is also a preventive which fights with the virus. So we can't say this is less important and the other is more important. When you go out, wearing a mask is very important even though your immunity system is very strong. Similarly, following social distance is also vital when you talk to people. We don't know what is their health status so why unnecessarily take the risk.

    There are many ways to improve our virus system. Daily we are seeing an advertisement on ISC regarding an Ayurveda company which says Aswamadha is the best general tonic which will improve our immunity levels, Having minimum 6 hours sleep daily will also help your immunity system get boosted. Eating fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds will also improve your immunity system. Don't consume more added sugars. Drink water more. These steps will improve our immunity level.

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    Since many tips are pouring in through social media on the immunity ingredients but what we have at the home should suffice to improve our self confidence.
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    In the present phase of corona pandemic, we need to maintain mask while going out side and the minimum distance to be maintained is one meter, if we are talking. Apart from these aspects, we need to strengthen our immunity so as to prevent from cough, cold and most importantly the corona with which all of us are afraid because of its rapid spread.
    While where there are numerous medicines in Aurveda enhancing your immunity such as taking Giloy tablets or Giloy Powder to be taken early in the morning with some hot water.
    Consuming Tulasi tea along with some Ginger poured in the tea would also improve our immunity. Vitamin C has also important role in boosting up our immunity and hence Gooseberry powder if taken one tea spoon prior to our meals along with hot water is the best way to improve our immunity. If there is a sleep disorder, you may take one tea spoon of Aswagandha powder along with warm milk prior to retirement to your bed. To take adequate sleep for a minimum eight hours in night is equally important to boost up your immunity.

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