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    Alert- Paytm withdrawn from Google Play store

    This alert got just now citing that the Paytm has violated the Google play store policy and thus the payment app has been withdrawn from the play store with immediate effect. Most of the small vendors across the country and even people in many states have accounts in paytm and it is yet to be known as to how the paytm would transfer or return the money thus maintained in various accounts. Surely panic among the small vendors who were lured and asked to maintain the account for purchasing and dealing but their fate hangs in balance.
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    I also read this news a while ago and after reading this thread I logged into my Paytm account. It is working fine and I have done a recharge also to check whether everything is functioning or not. In the news, it was stated that it is not available on Google Play Store at the moment but those who are already using it can use it without any difficulty and the money is also safe with Paytm. The reason mentioned by Google about the Apps unavailability is some policy violation where it is found that Paytm is promoting something which is a violation of the policy. As Paytm is working in my device and I have used it successfully just know I don't think there is a reason to panic about the money added in the wallet.

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    Good that the platform is working but new users cannot download and start.
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    Already installed users can continue to use. But new users can't download from Google play store. The reason given by Google is that PayTM violated the guidelines and promoting gambling games and betting. Hence they withdrew the same from their playstore. Some smartphones makers like xiaomi, Samsung and Oppo offer their own app store. On those phones, this app will be available. This information has been given by Paytm in three press release. I don't think there will be a problem for the small vendors as they might have already installed the app on their phones. I think Paytm may try and do something and see that they will keep paytm app also on their play store.
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    It won't affect the existing users as the Paytm app is banned for a particular feature in the app i.e. Gambling. In many states gambling or betting is illegal and Paytm being a national player should have adhered to the rules and should have taken due care but it failed to do so and consequently thrown out of playstore.

    Although it cannot restrict it's business so it will amend the feature and come back again in a day or two.

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    It is a news for me. It is a bad news. Paytm is used anywhere and everywhere. It is easy to transact even for Rs. 10/- to the roadside vendor. I was forced to open Paytm when I went to get a Fastag for my good old Padmini to facilitate toll booth payment. It was a must for me to open a Paytm account. I am using it since last September 2019.

    As of now , I have a balance of Rs. 3000+ in my Paytm account. I am worried, but members responses saying that old Paytm account holders won't be affected if Google removes Paytm app from Playstore. Now I started checking the performance of Paytm.

    Update: At 2230 hrs today, On a trial basis, I transferred Rs. 10/- to a vendor successfully. It seems Paytm is Okay.

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    I just heard about this issue, basically existing users wo'nt be affected. We use Paytm ito pay for so many things. It's like a virtual wallet for the common man. Hope tne company resolves this issue at the earliest, as it has a strong consumer base.

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    It was a temporary block to check and warn Paytm activity. Now the system has been restored and Paytm is available on Google play store. Nothing to worry about Paytm now. Be happy.
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    This was an alarming news as Paytm was used by so many of us. Now it is informed that it has been mounted back in Play store so there is no problem. Even if Google does not allow it then it can offer its download from its own site and that is not the big deal. Only thing is Google Play store site is claimed to be much safer and secured than the other ones in the web. People generally download the apps from the Play store only.
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