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    What happened to Jaya Bachchan? She is under attack by many from the film field.

    On social media, I have heard many people criticizing and commenting on Mrs. Jaya Bachchan. What happened to her? Why people are against this good old actress, wife of Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan and mother-in-law of famous heroine Aishwarya Rai Bachchan?

    What is the story? Throw some light on this matter.
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    Oh yep, read about this a while back. Basically some of the top stars especially Kangana Ranaut and the like who are self made in the sense they had to make up their career from the scratch, have accussed top bollywoid leading families like the Bachans, the Roshans etc of nepotism. That is favouring who they like irrespective of the hard work or talent another person has. The issue was there even before and I think this issue has been going around in Bollywood and Hollywood for quite sometime especially since last year when some of the top directors in Hollywood were accussed of drug and child trafficking and other abuses. But the situation became worst this year especially after the death of few stars like Sushant Singh. Also few actors have been charged of running a drug den in the film industry not to mention the casting couch issue. Mrs. Jaya Bachan also being a prominent member of the Lok Sabha made a comment recently on the stars being inappropiatly targeted for crimes they had not comitted, in response Mrs Kagana Ranaut gave a counter comment. Basically it's a sort of virtual cold war between two fractions of the film industry the ones who are established and powerful vs the ones who are newbies or have recmtley made a sucessful career through hard work and sheer determination. Nothing new Sun sir, this is basically the reflection of our society on a microscopuc level.

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    The drug mafia inside the Bollywood is operating actively and a actress who was arrested recently has exposed 25 stars name which has rattled the very existence of the film Industry. When big things are happening the stars keep mum and that aggravated the irking of fans who took to social media bashed every big star for being indifferent and not voicing in the case of Sushant Singh Rajput and Kangana Ranaut has made well use of the social media and electronic media as she created a awareness campaign to boycott new releases of Hindi films and even the KBC and this brought ire in Jaya Bachhan who used the Parliament question hour to seek action on those who are degrading the film Industry and this brought much ire as even Amitabh and other big stars fail to react on drug racket and now seeking action against those who thoroughly exposed Bollywood.
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    After the death of Sushant Singh, many things are happening in the film. Nepotism is a big point of discussion and all the important personalities in the industry are divided and criticising each other. we have been observing the same. The points made by Jaya in her speech in Parliament is very strong and there is a point in what she says. We can't blame the whole industry for the bad what is happening there. Always there will be some good people also will be there. There are really good actors in the lot who came from the actor's families. Blaming all is not correct. Many actors in the field are not in a mood to accept the remarks of the lady and they started campaigning against her. The Mumbai police increase the security at her residence after her speech in Rajya Sabha and many posts against her.
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    One thing is sure the Bollywood has been thoroughly exposed in the past few weeks that those who have the push and pull are going to be benefited in the long run and the star kids are getting the entry based on favoritism and recommendations from the big lobby. Some directors are virtually controlling the Bollywood entry of new stars and probably for that reasons many South stars who made into Bollywood by one entry could not sustain growth because the actors were asked to compromise their life to which many not ready and returned to South again. And the underworld connections are also truly exposed as to who to be the hero and whom to be the heroine and that is decided with heavy investment too. So all these are now exposed and stand known to common man and the fans are furious over their actors not giving voice on important issues.
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    We cannot deny the roles of underworlds in choosing some personalities for the roles to be played in the upcoming films. It hardly matters that one is talented and can offer best roles because of one's intelligence. The underworlds would play the decisive roles in the selection of roles of the actors though the holiwood have a lot of personalities matching for such roles. The induction of underworlds has created frustration among the capable artists. Sushant, too, fell to the trap and for sometime he was in grip of frustration. May be due to this frustration he might have picked up the drugs leading to breakdown of his health.
    Raising the points by Jaya Bachan in this regard carried some positive points but it was taken otherwise by the present notable film personalities. This phase is transitory in nature and will die out in some time.

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