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    Government planning to impose another countrywide lockdown for 46 days...

    Hello members, the central government is planning to impose another nationwide lockdown for 46 days, in the wake of a sudden upsurge in the number of citizens affected by the Covid-19 virus. Is this a rational move on part of our government, considering the fact that the economy is just recovering from a severe setback. Should'nt the givernment focus more on quarantine of the affected areas and in the speedy development of the vaccine. It seems the government wants to take an easy path out of this condurm. What is your take on this issue?
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    This is the worst ever Govt of India after Independence. It has no spine. It has just looted the common man. The rich and the super rich have looted this country. There is absolutely nothing for the common man. And now another blow. The poorest of the poor will simply die.

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    This is the rumor and does not have the credence or having any concrete mention in any online news portals. The spread of cases has to be dealt by the respective states and those who batted for the migrants to be transported to their own town are now keeping silent because the spread happened through them. Anyway we need not fear about the one more lock down as the efforts are now made to review all the closed economy and even the local buses which are out of roads for the past seven months are going to be operated with strict norms. Moreover the state buses are ferrying the cargo and essentials through the bus transport and that proves there is no intention of central govt to impose the lock down. Moreover it is clearly seen that people misused the lock down rules and they kept on roaming on roads and thus one more mistake would not be attempted again.
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    This must be a rumour only. The Government of India did not give any such indication. Further lockdowns are of no use as the economy is already in a bad shape. Many people lost their means of livelihood and are suffering. We have to learn to live with the virus.
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    I have not heard it from the government. How do you know about this planning of the government? Did you hear any official statement which I'm not aware of.

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    It is a rumour only. I saw yesterday in the "Fact Check" on a news channel. Now the corona has spread in such a way that no lock down can prevent it's spread. The labs are already working hard for vaccine development but everything has its own steps and procedures to be followed. So we should not blame our government and support the nation in the way possible.

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    It might be a rumour and until it is confirmed we cannot comment on this though if the pandemic spreads violently then this is the only resort with any Govt in the world what to talk of our country. Once the question of saving people becomes a priority, the concerns for economy and development go in the background. Economy can be revived later also but lives lost cannot be restored.
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    These days lockdown has been announced by some business class in my area. At the moment nothing is certain that the country will be reintroduced again, but in the future, due to the condition of the growing corona infection, it may be reintroduced in future. But Lock down will be successful only when the public gives full support
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    It is a fake order that is being circulated. Please check the authenticity of reports before bringing up such issues for discussion here.
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