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    More than 1000 small schools are up for sale across the country

    Prior to Covid-19 many management have expanded their chain schools across the country and even appointed the respective teachers and staff to man them. But when the admissions are about to be started for 2020-21 academic year, the pandemic started and the educational sector is the worst hit as the primary and play schools could not get back their children and the parents are not having confidence to send their wards to the schools fearing infections. Thus unable to maintain and pay salaries about 1000 schools were closed and they are up for sale.
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    They can invest their money somewhere else but what about you and all others whose assets are being sold even without asking you. Don't you know..? What? Really? Are you not aware ? Should I feel sympathy for you. ?

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    @710358 please spell your observation clearly so that what you mean we should understand.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    That's sad and I agree that they could invest somewhere else. However a better option would be that they invest in education centres or take up online coaching as a mode of delivering education, which is cheap to set up and also popular in the post-pandemic era. Also they could apply under the various schemes started by the government and start a government school instead of operating so many chain svhools. In this way the education of the kids in the abovementioned areas would not get affected and also the investors and owners be able to reap a healthy amount of ROI from their intial failed investment.

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    Yes, we are aware of the present economic turmoil and this has hit badly to our education sector including the primary and the play schools. The teachers and other connected staffs are either getting 60 percent of normal emoluments or even in some schools, the teaching staffs joined on casual basis have been laid off.
    Such a situation is understandable but the scaling of such schools at the present moment seems to be a herculean task. If taking over such schools by some affluent bussiness man at this time and later to sell these at some opportune time to rake profit would be a different proposition.

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    Many schools are closed. That is true. This year we visited a play school in Hyderabad near our house and decided to admit our granddaughter in that school. We even paid some money as an advance for the seat confirmation. But from March middle the problem of COVID 19 started and the school is closed. The school management wanted to conduct online classes to the parents of the child in playschool. But we have not shown interest and we have postponed the admission to next year. The management said that the advance paid can be treated as an advance for next year.
    Like this many parents might have postponed the admissions. That will make the schools get closed. A real testing times for the management. But the real hit is to the teachers. Management is not giving salaries and the teachers are suffering a lot and not able to maintain their families also. Management may lose some money but they will not have problem for their eating.

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    This is the time to bring in a major change or revamp our education system. The change should ensure that schools don't become a business establishment, and teachers and students will not suffer economically. Teachers will earn salary and students will get good education. All teachers should work together to achieve the change in our education system. Question is - Who will initiate a change?
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