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    Simple daily usage words have been distorted to such an extent that they have become unutterable.

    We refer to dictionary when we find it difficult to find a meaning to a word. But nowadays some odd meanings are assigned to simple words that these words lose their real meaning and have become more of a slang. For example 'Naughty'

    When people don't have the sense and control over their tounge then they should stay silent, rather than spitting venom and then later clarifying that they didn't mean to say this and then assign a simple word to it. This way many words are becoming a joke rather a general word for conversation.

    Simple words are attaining dual meaning and are used against others for settling scores and still posing as innocent.
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    People have mastered to say double meaning when abusing someone or the other and when they are questioned that they would plead that their statement was taken negatively but told with positive attitude. Politicians often use foul language and later blame on the media that they distorted the statement. Now a days people are not owning their own misdeeds even though it was exposed with the proof. In AP a minister son was seen with a costly car photo and the owner of the car is a accused in a case for which the investigations were going on. But the minister is denying and his son also on the denial. But the opposition feels that the car is in the name of the accused but used by the Minister son and hence it was the benami asset to which the minister and son own the responsibility to resign, And now war of abusive words between the ruling party and the main opposition is on much to the annoy of voters.
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    I agree with Mohan sir on this issue. This has become a social nuisance, people sometimes may mean something totally diffrent from the orignal context of the word spoken. Our cultural slang as the author above has pointed out has evolved to a point where we do not think twiice before using some henious words whose meanimg otherwise is not all pleasing or respectful to the other person in general. Also everyone is quick to stsrt a birtual fight it's as if the social networks were not meant for people to come together and appreciate each otjer pov but create online battlefields for virtual slandering and bashing. The government banned PUBG was a good move, atleast we're preventing future battlefields from forming.

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    Yes. There are many such words in usage. We forgot the original meaning. This has become a big problem these days.
    In a language, a word may be having a meaning and in another language, the same word may have a different meaning. People who know both languages will take advantage of and use the words the way they wanted. This happens many times.
    Some times we use such words without knowing the meaning and we will become enemies to the other or we may initiate a quarrel with the other person. Many times it happens. Sometimes even though our intentions are good other persons may take it differently. These misunderstandings are also more on social media.
    It is not a good practice and we should always mind our words to have good relations and friends.

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    I have experienced these words in ISC itself. There are many good English words which create a problem if used with a wrong tone.

    [Edited - the thread does not require specific examples of indecent and vulgar words.]

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    This is an interesting thread raised by the author. Actually people use some words which they have heard others speaking. They do not see their meaning in the dictionaries. Some people use some words just like that without meaning to hurt anyone. As everyone starts using them they become ineffective and do not convey anything. One of my colleague used to say - I am trying this damn thing for quite some time. Whether it was an easy or tough or very complicated issue he used to say 'damn' just like that and never meant it. So sometimes it becomes a very hilarious matter to hear such words which are used without any intention. Then why should we use them? It is strange.
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    If the author can quote a specific word' naughty' as example, what's wrong if I quote the words foot & ball in reality. It is inappropriate to delete my response that is a clear proof of words interpreted wrongly by ISC as indecent.
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