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    How much effective the said immune boosters are?

    Today the drug market is flooded with all sort of immune boosters and resistance builders. Some of them are based on the research done in modern medical practices while others are based on Ayurvedic and Homeopathic methodologies. There are even some naturopathic formulations and methods also in use. The sale of these immune boosters is increased manifold and the manufacturers are not able to supply the same to the dealers. What do the members think about this? Are these formulations really worth or we are buying that because some people have just told that they are immune boosters and useful in avoiding any virus infection. Please share your experience.
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    Most of the time, we believe that certain Ayurvedic herbs would act as the immune booster in our body and thinking the same, we are attracted towards the market products such as Tulasi, Amla, Giloy, Aloe vera etc. Such formulations are sometimes marketed having dual or multi combinations to attract gullible consumers. It is the belief of the consumers that consumption of such products will improve the body immunity sufficient enough to ward off the virus.

    However, instead of resorting to such costly formulations, we can rely upon some cheap substitutes available in our homes such as taking up hot water in the morning in the empty stomach added with lemon juice and breakfast is to be followed half an hour later. Take some curd at lunch. The evening tea should be green tea containing Tulsi followed by a little amount of Cinnamon powder to be added in the tea prior to consumption.
    These will work towards boosting up your immunity without incurring huge amount by consuming the well advertised market products.

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    We can't say that all are genuine and at the same time they are very good immunity boosters in the market. Especially some Ayurvedic general medicines which are really good for immunity. If the manufacturing company is good and make it as per the defined formulation they will be very useful. Chyavanpras and Aswagandha are real good materials for immunity boosting. There are some good companies making these medicines. We should select and go for those products even they may cost a little more than the other products.
    Even some of the hand sanitizers we are getting in the market are not made properly and they may not give the desired results. We should go for a standard product and use it.
    Many immunity boosters are available in our kitchen and we will get good results if we use them properly.

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    The best is an Indian drink called Kada, you prepare this drink wiith certain herbs and spices, it's recipie can be searched online on youtube as immunity boosting kada. However the best way to maintain immunity is to eat the right kind of diet , eat satvic diet as much as possible. Please look into my experts section where I'be asked the benefits of satvic diet to the experts. And do lots of exercise join a virtual club etc.

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    One person told me that if we eat the regular homely food in time, the immune system would be fully in tact and for those diabetic patients they have to eat at regular intervals and that would increase their immune system vastly. Over the past seven months our home is flooded with all types of Kashayam or decoction, Ayurvedic formlations on the lines of Chaywanprash and some home are regularly drinking the ginger, lemon and pepper mix every few hours to keep the virus away. But I have immense faith on our desi home medicines which our elders used to give us like Homam water for the children and adults and grape water for the small infants to keep their health clean and good from inside. What ever it is as long as we keep the virus away from us nothing wrong to taste and follow the ayurvedic preparations and have it because there is no side effects by having them and therefore no risk of any other disease.
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    These days the demand for Ayurvedic medicines to prevent corona infection has also increased. Such medicines are coming to an end in the market. Major immunity-enhancing products like Chyawanprash, Giloy, Ashwagandha, and Health Supplements are now being purchased by people more than ever before. Their demand has increased by 30 to 50 percent in the last 3-4 months.
    However, Doctors believe that these products have not confirmed corona infection. Yes, it is so sure that the body's immunity is increased by the use of them. By which people can fight this virus easily. After some doctors suggested to drink turmeric milk, where turmeric has increased in the country, while ginger and vitamin C-rich lemons are also used more than ever before. Companies are benefiting from some of the products needed to prevent corona, well-known companies selling many herbal and Ayurvedic products like honey, Chyawanprash, herbal tea, Ayurvedic decoction, and Giloy juice are making huge profits in such a short time till date. Did not happen, as is happening these days.

    Swati Sharma

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    This is a subject which has intrigued the scientific community much and many researches in medical science are being conducted to target this query. No doubt traditionally and culturally people had observed that there are some natural things and processes that cure us from certain ailments. No one has gone in the scientific aspects of that as modern medical science has taken birth recently only a few centuries ago. In this area only the experience counts. For example whenever I have some throat soreness or problem, I take a few sips of hot water and I feel relieved. There are many such natural cures around us. Unfortunately there is no structured or scientific knowledge available about them and the modern people sometimes dismiss them telling that it is all absurd. In doing so they deprive themselves from the real benefits of some of these tested potions that people had used from time immortal.
    Knowledge is power.

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    In those days our elders paved certain norms in our daily routine to follow. But in due course, we by seeing others, other countries and assuming ourselves as find no time. Now once we face crisis we are alarming and fearing ourselves. For this, if we would adhere the advise or our elders, we would have lest the pandemic crisis. Now we can see in televisions and newspapers that abundant types of immune boosters, sanitizes are dumping in the market. Known and unknown companies are flowing their products in the market as immune boosters and sanitizers.

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