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    Why sing melody before a deaf person?

    We will be doing many tasks. We will be learning skills and exhibiting them whenever we get a chance to exhibit them. If the people who witness our skills and achievements can recognise our capabilities and wisdom only when they have the capacity to understand what we performed. If they are having the skill even they can point out mistakes if any and advise for our betterment.

    A person who knows the Sanskrit language can only understand the Slokas and appreciate the beauty in it. If he has no knowledge he can't appreciate.

    If you want to improve your skills or knowledge you should perform before a person who has knowledge in the field and take his suggestion and strive for improvement. What is the use of singing before a deaf person who can't listen to what you sing?
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    I would also ask what is the use of singing a song in a language that is not known and the meaning is not understood by the listeners. I simply quote Jana Gana Mana, the Indian National Anthem, the meaning is not known to 90 percent of the Indians. We all sing and listen without knowing the proper meaning of it. Yet we are proud. How?

    Is there anyone to deny this fact?

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    This is a very insensitive post. The inability to hear does not mean a person does not enjoy a song. Haven't you seen on talent shows the superb display by visually challenged and hearing impaired individuals dancing to recorded music? They have some uncanny way of understanding a beat and the hearing impaired also have lip-reading skills. It is insensitive to poke fun at them, which is what you are doing by saying one should not sing before a person who cannot hear.
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    You are talking about a person who is deaf but specially trained and got talent in that line. But all will not be like that. And this is not my own thought and there is a proverb in Telugu which means the same. So I am not making fun of anybody but I am of the opinion that our efforts will go waste when the other person can't have the ability to understand.
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    What the author want to say that our performance need to be reviewed and appreciated by those who know the matter and they are well trained to access and even pass the remarks. Unfortunately all of us are not getting the right mentor and we have been questioned and asked for more performance from the incompetent persons In this regard I recall a scene from a Telugu movie Sagara Sangamam in which Kamala Hassan who is the journalist writes bad about Jaya Prada daughter's dance and that was objected. People accuse Kamala Hassan that he misjudged the dancing and made remarks. But Kamala Hassan performs in front the dancer much to the delight of all and he proves as to where she went wrong to which she totally agrees and treats him as his guru from that day. So our performance should be in front of those person who knows the matter very well.
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    The author is right. He tells "It is a siren blown into deaf ears" in a different way. What is the use of asking a deaf person to listen to the melody? Can he listen and enjoy? Is it not a futile effort? By quoting this, he says "Do not ask a person to do something if they are is not ready to do it.

    A blind might enjoy melody, not a deaf.
    A deaf might enjoy the nature, not a blind.

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    I would consider it in slightly different way by telling that one should not show ones talent and knowledge where no one understands it because it would be waste to do so. So a knowledgeable person giving great speech to foolish people would be of no use. If that is what is meant by the author in this thread then it seems logical to think so. Of course this is my interpretation of the phrase mentioned in this post.
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