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    Why hesitate to ask questions? Not knowing it is not a sin.

    Many people hesitate to have a questioning attitude, but it is only by raising a query that you will understand something better. The importance of a questioning mind is brought out in this discussion.

    Many people feel hesitant to ask anything from other people as they are hesitant to interact with others. So it is very important to work on it. When you do not understand anything, then do ask a question. Not everyone knows everything. If you do not know about anything, then why to be shy in it. Honestly tell the person that you do not know anything about this subject. Not knowing about it is not a sin. The important thing is that you should be curious about new things in your mind so that you can increase your knowledge.

    Answers to questions calm our curiosity. There should be an era of question and answer in society. If something does not seem right, raise the question. Many people think that it is okay to let go, why should we question, that it is the job of others to ask questions.

    You should have the ability to ask your questions and inquiries. When someone talks to you, then you should listen patiently, and ask the right question at the right time. It is always good to get guidance from the right person.
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    If we hesitate to ask questions when we have some doubts, we will be at a loss. Our doubt will remain as a doubt only and we can't get a correct answer for our doubt. So we should ask questions and we should get out doubts cleared.
    Especially many students will have this problem. They think the teacher may scold him or they think that other students may laugh. But they should not hesitate and if they are not ready to ask in the classroom, they can meet the teacher in the teacher's room and get his doubts clarified.
    Even when we are in our career, sometimes we will get some doubts and we should try ourselves to understand by reading the available literature or asking the other colleagues who are conversant in that subject. Otherwise, we may not be able to complete the task and progress in our career as desired. If we don't ask our doubts and get the clarifications we may have to face many situations where we will be at the receiving end.

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    One must ask questions. Asking questions is the way we gain knowedge. Thus it is very important that we ask questions, especially the students. Teachers should make students comfortable enough so they can ask any type of question or pose a creative answer to a certain question. This is the cornerstone of development of human psyche. Unfortunatley inour society asking questions beyond a certain point is considered a taboo especially in rural parts of our country.

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    I agree with the author that we should ask others if we don't know. But who should we ask, indeed one who is a knowledgable person or he who is telling us something about any issue and we have queries regarding the same, we should pose our queries before him for further clarification. It improves our knowledge. We are learner, and we should remain a learner instead of being learned, it keeps pushing us ahead pursuing something new, something unknown. It all depends on our intention that should be positive. Positive thinking always opens the new gate knowledge. Oean of knowledge is quite vast. We hardly fetch a few drops out of it. However, process should keep on moving.

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    We must have the habit of asking the questions because we cannot get convinced with what the others says and what they have written. By asking question we are not only convincing ourselves to the bet possible answer but also giving ourselves a chance to move and know more on the subject. A growing child always want to ask more question because he is curious to know many things happening in front of him and none to convince or clarify them the matter or the issues properly. Do not shy away from responding to those who post question and you may or may not know the answer. If you know the answer, give the proper reply otherwise plead ignorance and admit the fact that the matter or the issue is new to you and you are also learning to know the same. This kind of admission would make others to explain the same in detail for your purpose.
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    Life is with questions and answers only. What, where, when, why, who, whom, whose, whether and how are the main questioning words without which there can be no answer. Questioning helps us to clear our queries and doubts. Questioning helps us to enhance our knowledge. Questioning helps us to live peacefully without any worry.

    It is not a sin. It is a virtue. People questioning are valued and respected in our society. But let us ensure that we don't ask questions for the sake of asking questions, and let us not ask stupid and unwanted questions to put down someone. We are likely to be insulted if we ask irrelevant questions.

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    Asking questions is no sin unless it is done intentionally to test others and humiliate them in a gathering. There are some conditions and conducive environments for asking questions and we should not ask questions everywhere where we find some knowledgeable people sitting. The person who has to quench our thirst for knowledge should agree to do so otherwise asking questions would be in a way offending and insisting him to answer. It is not our right to seek answers from a person until he is ready for that. For example in a classroom a teacher is supposed to answer the query of the student and many students can ask him questions and when that is going out of the time allotted he would signal them to ask later when that day's schedule is over. So, a suitable place is required for asking questions and there is always a limit as how many of them we can ask at same time and then keep the rest of them for the other day when that person is again ready to help us.
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