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    How to become an accomplished autodidact or self- taught in a particular area or many fields?

    Dear members, how does an average person become an accomplished self - taught expert in a field. We've had many such persons in recent history including Steve Jobs, Srinivasa Ramanuja and Leonardo Da Vinci not to mention Ada Babbage who inspired the debelopment of modern computers. I agree that it would take a lot more dedication than for a person who'se going to school or college, but let's say you do'nt have access to these or you're very poor but determined and hard working. What kind of learning techniques would be adopted by you in order to become as sucessful as the anove mentioned persomalities?
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    Dedication and determination. These two traits are very important. Desire to achieve should also be there. Once we have these three, we will definitely be successful in our lives. All people can't become Steve Jobs, Srinivasa Ramanuja and Leonardo Da Vinci. But the qualities mentioned will make you a successful person.
    Our knowledge in the subject should not be superficial and the basics should be strong. One should be able to think openly than thinking with some preset boundaries. We all know that there is no replacement for hard work and the work should be focused and concentrated the assignment taken up.

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    The self taught attitude must develop from the childhood itself and that would gives rise to lots of determination and dedication to learn a particular subject on which one has to master over it. During the childhood we are attracted to a matter or subject which will keep on bother us to further probe and know more about the matter. For example one of my relative son was so much interested about various vehicles , cars and models he tried to evaluate each model and their features from the childhood and when we asked his ambition, he wanted to become a best automobile engineer and from that day his parents are guiding and giving him the studies on that direction. Unfortunately he got the admission in West Germany famed University for the said course and due to covid spread his parents droped the idea at the last moment.
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