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    Whether the opposition or rebellions will ever end....

    There is a feeling of opposition within each person. Some convert their spirit of protest into rebellion and hurt everyone. For some people, rebellion is justified but not always.

    In India, there has been anger among the students under the guise of democratic ideology and intellectualism by the Left which is still going on. These students, who became the pawn of ideologies, did not allow the country to progress in the last 70 years and they will do the same in the future. They do not have any fault in this because they do not have their thinking, they are samples of any borrowed thinking.

    In our country, separatism, Maoism, casteism and Naxalism are also a kind of opposition, due to which the country remains hell. There are many forms of protest or rebellion. Those who provoke the fire of protest also have many forms. But suppose that any house, family, society and nation has this feeling, it is never happy. Those who protest or rebel do not know this. They are just pieces. Although times have changed today, but some of these things are still considered today.
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    This is a very good topic for discussion. Basically the alt fringe members of various flavors like the ones you've mentioned above are present, and they have their own opinion on how society should run. But having a different ideology by itself is not wrong, it becomes dangerous when you impose that ideology without any means of justification or consent upon the civilians, the masses I mean, Another thing you mentioned is that students becoming pawns to a type of ideology this is very dangerous, since students are the spearheads of rationality in a society turning them into radical operaters of any failed ideology is dangerous. I suppose you're thread has been created in context of the student protests in universities like JNU.

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    True. There are many such forces which are influencing the students. There may be some self-centred students who will join hands with some politicians and they will try to poke some other students into this. That is how we see many students who are spoiling not only their time but also the times of other students also, That is why many people say that students will understand the politics and learn but politicians should not be allowed in the student politics. But in our country, it is not happening and many politicians are entering into student politics and making the entire issue bad.
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    The first sentence of the thread says that the feeling of opposition is there in each person. If each one has this feeling then how it is going to end? People will have ideologies and various ways of thinking about a particular subject which cannot be termed opposition. Opposition to anything is a form of resistance working against a particular direction. For example, while moving from point A to point B, if somebody opposes my movement and try to push me back towards point A then it can be said it is an opposition to my movement. In terms of politics, the opposition party is the party who is in opposition to the ideologies/principles of the political party in power to govern the centre/state/local council. As long as this opposition is limited to the political ideologies it is quite effective and required for democratic society but if the opposition is to hinder the growth of a country or to create divisions among people in society then undoubtedly it is harmful. Is it so that students belonging to a particular ideology didn't allow the country to progress? Their ideologies may be different and if things were so disrupting and hampering the growth of the country then the political parties in power during all these years could have taken strong action against those students. I agree that Naxalism is working against the development of a region and they engage in many disruptive activities but along with strict punishment, we need to find out why this is happening. Why people engage in such activities when they can easily take part in nation-building must be found out. Unless the cause is addressed, a permamnent solution will not be found.

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    Being democracy this great country always stood for the ideals of the peoples aspiration and each ruling party which came to power with the promises through the poll manifesto try to achieve their targets and in that melee they would take away the rights and enjoyment of other sections and punish even those who were enjoying the largess in the past. Thus the opposition and rebellion starts within. For example two days back the best agricultural policy bill was tabled the LS and was approved but with the resignation of a central minister protesting over the bill. Sometimes the government fails to convince its own party leaders and allies and thus the face of rough weather inside the Parliament and now the bill has to get the nod of RS where there seems to be over whelming opposition to the bill to be stalled and the bill would be kept pending.
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    I strongly condemn the preconceived notions of the author who herself appears to be in obscurity. Two disgusting allegations she has made on students.
    That they did not let the country progress for last seventy years and that they are like puppets to other ideologies.

    It MUST be known to her that all the existing and past members of ISC including she herself and all the great people who served the country for last 70 years once they're students too.

    Students are not stupid they know what is right and what is wrong.

    There has been a reason or root cause for starting any movement. Being them good or bad is a different issue, however, it is all up to what is our take about any particular group. I know she is implying all this to recent commotion by students especially on social media which has spread a strong msg around the globe. More than one million vs half a lac was the ratio of the two different trends on tweeter on that day. Who made this difference?

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    Opposition would be there and rebels would be there. It was always like that and will remain like that. We have to address the root cause and engage people in positive and constructive territories. When people have no job and no engagement then they would incline towards small lures in their lives and can be cheated in the name of a new ideology. We have to create work and career for a large number of people who have been lured in to wrong alleys by the drug pedlars and disgruntled entities in the society. It is a herculean task to achieve this type of equality in the society where opportunities are provided for occupations rather than provocations but we have to somehow get that done if we want to save the coming generation to just perish and go waste in the hands of the evil elements.
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