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    IPL 2020 excitement - discuss teams, matches, interesting sidelines

    In a short while from now, the Indian Premier League (IPL) is going to begin in UAE. There are totally eight teams this year-
    1. Mumbai Indians
    2. Chennai Super Kings
    3. Delhi Capitals
    4. Kolkata Knight Riders
    5. Kings XI Punjab
    6. Sunrisers Hyderabad
    7. Rajasthan Royals
    8. Royal Challengers Bangalore

    The first match is between four-times champion Mumbai Indians and three-time winners Chennai Super Kings, to be played at the Sheikh Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi.

    In this one thread, let's participate in some lively discussions. We don't want just reports of a match, but some personal analysis of players and teams, predictions, etc. Talking of predictions, remember the Make A Prediction (MAP) for previous cricket tournments, including earlier editions of the IPL? We will likely have it later, for the semi-finals and the finals of this IPL as well.

    Come on...don your cricketing gear and let's hit a few thunderous sixes!
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    Before the start of yesterday inaugural match Mumbai Indians were the favorite and even I was thinking on the same lines. But the way the CSK beaten the MI has stunned many fans and it seems the overall public support made them to win. While the Mumbai Indians scored 162 by losing nine wickets, the way the CSK got into the game with just five wickets gone achieving the target easily. So we had the very good cricketing experience as one out of the 56 matches has gone now. Many matches are on the cards and we are confused as to who will win because the matches played without any audience.
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    Yesterdays's match was completely unpredictable but CSK did a great job. MI started well but they could not keep their pace and lost wickets. If Rohit Sharma and Hardik Pandya could have scored more, they would have badged the winning title. On other hand, CSK started really slow and even lost the wicket but this is how a team works.
    Now today's match is between Delhi Capitals and KXIP. Both teams are of the same strength and such matches keep the audience engaged till the end.


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    No one sitting in galleries, the total enthusiasm was not that much. When MI started initially there was a feeling that they score heavily. But the two openers were back in the pavilion. The introduction of Piyush into bowling was a super thought of Dhoni and that gave a good break. Finally, the score of MI was not very high and everybody thought that CSK will be going to win the match. But the first over itself was a disaster for them and CSK lost two wickets very fast. But Rayudu made the difference and he scored good runs and brought victory near to CSK. Anyhow Dhoni started with a win and I hope we will see good matches in this tournament,
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    For me, the IPL's start was an excruciating wait! We watch it on Hotstar and the OTP was just not coming in. Finally we were obliged to call the number given on the screen and get the OTP through a recorded voice. By the time we were able to watch the match, a good one hour was over and we totally missed the opening partnership between Rohit and Quinton. Unline CSK, MI team did not have a solid partnership in the middle and the bowling was woefully inadequate to trouble the CSK batsmen.

    I always wonder why the one who scores the highest number of runs should get the Man of the Match award. Faf du Plessis should have got the award. He not only batted well but also took three catches, and catches do win matches, after all.

    It seems to be very humid out there, as one could make out that the players fielding were sweating buckets. As for lack of spectators, yes, I think it did create insipidness and an overall lack of excitement in watching the match.

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    I think this is the first such match that people are seeing where there is no audience sitting in the stadium. It is a bit perplexing but I think after a few matches our mindset would get accustomed to it and then we would only concentrate on the game and not on the celebrities sitting in the galleries. The TV cameras were earlier focussing on the celebrities to show us their gestures and petty behaviour patterns. I feel relieved to that extent.
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    Look at the match of DD Vs the Kings Eleven Punjab. It will be a big treat to watch Ravichandran Ashwin in this series. One can only hope his injury is not serious. Ashwin was unceremoniously dropped from the T20 team. He is sure to be back in action very soon. Age is just a number. His 34 years never seemed to be a problem. He will come back.

    Ambatti Rayudu batting in the next games and the fabulous captaincy of Mahindra Singh Dhoni will work wonders for the IPL 2020. CSK, as usual, will come right on top.

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    The match held on 20th September between Delhi Capitals versus Kings XI Punjab was very interesting and though the DC team won the match during the super over but I would say both teams played neck to neck.
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    Ashwin did very well. 2 for 2. An excellent figure. The match between DD and KXIP was very interesting. It is a visual treat to see the game of Stoinis (53 off 21 balls) who brought some respectability to their score. Mayank Agarwal played a cautious game and scored 89 from 60 balls. The scores and wickets matched for both the teams and the super over only decided the match-winner. A good game to watch in the end. Today we are going to see Sunrisers, Hyderabad in action against Royal Challengers, Bangalore.
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    Yesterday's match was a big treat and totally unexpected until the end. It was really hard to predict the winner. I was a bit disappointed with Shikhar Dhawan's batting as I am a big fan of his boundaries. But then Rishabh Pant and Shreyas made it. The super over was a real surprise. It reminded me of the final match of the World Cup last year. Lastly, I wanted DC to win, and they won.

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    Yesterday the match between SRH and RCB was not very interesting. Navdeep Saini and Yuzvendra Chahal exhibited their excellent bowling skills and seen that SRH is never on the correct path. They were losing losing wickets at regular intervals. As long as Bairstow was in between the wickets, it appeared that SRH is going to win. But Chahal sent him back, the game was in the hands of RCB. To the match is between Rajasthan and Chennai. Looking forward for a second win to Chennai.
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    Very exciting thread. I ll check back this one soon. Can I host the cricket predictor?

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    The match of RCB vs King XI Punjab was almost a one sided match. Kings XI Punjab has the upper hand since the begin of the match. KL Rahul became the first person to score a century in IPLT20 2020 season. He has once again proved his batting skills. Never expected Steyn will become the most run giving bowler. There were hardly anyone who made a good stand at the crease for RCB. Excellent bowling from Ravi and M Ashwin. The Duo picked up 6 wickets in total and helped the Punjab team to get an easy win.

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    Although the match was one-sided the batting of K L Rahul was great. He has played a very balanced game and got 2 lifelines by Kohli without which I do not think that this victory was possible. After giving a tough target, the bowling was also good by the team and the first 5 overs of the second innings silently declared the winners. So, overall it was a good day for King XI Punjab.

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    The match of RCB vs King XI Punjab was almost a one sided one but there were interesting things which thrilled the audience specially the batting of K L Rahul and balling of Ravi and Ashwin. So, game was not dull. It was enjoyable.
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    Today's match is between KKR and SRH and seems to be evenly poised but when it comes to my favorite, I vote for the KKR team and my prediction that they would beat SRH.
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    Yesterday's match between Delhi Capital and Chennai Super Kings was not very interesting and the Chennai team was never in the match. Their batting and bowling are not up to the mark. The absence of Rayudu in the batting showed the difference. They lost two matches. They have to try seriously to performer better in the coming matches.
    SRH is badly in need of a win and it should try all out to win this match. Anyhow KKR is doing good and may win. But I wish SRH should win this match.

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    The match between Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) vs Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) is going on and at IST time 22:30 there was a neck to neck progress of the game. Kolkata at 82/3 chasing the 142/4 made by Hyderabad. Let us see the exciting part coming up now.
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    Yesterday's match between Rajasthan Royals and King XI Punjab was a complete entertainment package full of suspense, surprises, boundaries and fantabulous fielding. I had never ever seen the fielding done by Nicholas Pooran earlier. I watched the complete match till the end and enjoyed the boundaries of Rahul Tewatia.

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    Ryyu @ #710651, all and everything about IPL in this thread only.
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    The match between Rajasthan Royals and King XI Punjab was very interesting. It was a real treat to eyes. Finally RR won by 4 wickets (3 balls left) but both the teams did their best. It was an entertaining match.
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    IPL is the new excitement for us and everything about it.

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    Yesterday's RCB v/s MI match was again very thrilling and I enjoyed watching it till the end. I really feel sad about Kishan as he missed his century for just 1 run and that 1 run would have made the team win. Navdeep Saini played his role excellently in the super over and lastly, RCB won it.

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    This IPL season is a blessing for many players. It is good to see some young and talented players using this opportunity and making their presence felt in every game they are playing. The last three games have showcased some great skills and talents. This makes us want more of it and happy for these players for playing so good and making their team win. This also makes us think that it is not always the established players but young and skilful players that change the fate of a game.
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    Yesterday SRH registered their first win in this series. SRH bowlers did a good job. The score of SRH was not very high. After seeing the score of SRH we though it is another defeat to SRH. But bowlers made the impossible, possible. I think this is a good start and now they go winning match after match. I wish SRH all the best.
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    We need more young talent in this game. More youth must become part of the IPL league. Makes the game very exciting to watch , as new talent introduces us to new ways of dealing with the bat and ball game.

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    In yesterday's match, SRH did a great job. The given target was not too high for RR but the excellent bowling and fielding made it possible for them. I was watching the match to see the batting form of Rahul Tawatia but it was not a good day for him. In fact, none of the batsmen of RR played up to the mark.

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    KXIP vs CSK (04 Oct 2020): A time when the most watched and liked team was under the point table and wanted a win to be in the game came the right form from the team. Yesterday was the day of CSK, from fielding, bowling and then to top it up with good batting from their opener Shane Watson & Faf Du Plessis finishing the game without losing their wicket and taking the team to their 2nd win out of 5 matches played. Watson coming into form when required is a relief for the team and his fans. CSK(181/0 in 17.4 overs) achieved their target of 178/5 set by KXIP.
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    DC made it today beating RBC with 59 runs. The match was overall good. DC started with good pace but then gradually their run rate dropped down. But then managed to give good target. Rabada did excellent as a bowler and took 4 wickets for the team.

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    DC played a very good game and beat RCB in all the field of the match. A good start and after that end the inning at 196 runs which was not an easy target for any team. Drops of three catches of Finch and after that a big victory of 59 runs. I enjoyed the match and now IPL has come to an interesting point. Let see and enjoy.
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    Very upset by watching the match between CSK and KKR as the CSK was handling and leading the match till 16th over. But after that M. S. Dhoni threw his wicket and it was a big blow for CSK. In my opinion, R. Jadeja can hit the ball very nicely so after the wicket of M. S. Dhoni, the Jadeda would have been a good option.
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    This season, CSK is taking the back seat. Every match that they lost was within the margin which showcases poor decision of rotating the batting order. It is time the coaches and the captain sit and decide their batting line-up for a better result. Hoping for a better show from the most fan following team.
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    Totally unexpected performs by CSK. RCB managed to give a fair target (not that tough) but CSK could not manage to achieve that also. Enjoyed the batting of Kohli through which the team achieved the goal and won the match.
    CSK and King XI Punjab need to improve their game or they will be eliminated soon. Although 2 among the list of the top five run-scorers in IPL 2020 series are from the King XI Punjab team, the team as a whole is not having good records.


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    A very interesting match between SRH and RR. SRH scored 158 for 4 and the target is 159. It is an attainable score. But the scoring was very low and they last wickets also. Up to 15th over the match is in favour of SRH. The run rate required is more than 12 and chances for SRH appeared big. But the next two overs changed the game. The match went to RR. They won by hitting a six. Dropped catches also gave chance to RR.
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    Yesterday's both the matches were interesting and unpredictable till the last ball of the match. I was actually praying for RR to win but was not easy for the team. The second powerplay changed the whole game and RR won the match. The match between DC and MI was also showing the same pattern. The target was not too difficult to achieve and MI was doing great. But after 10 overs, DC made good efforts to catch the control. Lastly MI won at the last ball of the game. Such matches are really good to watch when you do not want to miss even a single ball.

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    MI again proved that it is the most balanced team of the IPL 2020. He Won against DC in an interesting match. But MI showed his beating power. After the fall of 5 wickets, the two batsmen were on the crease and after all, they won the match very easily. The bowling side of the MI is also very strong and can defend a very low score also.

    After the winning of yesterday's match, MI is on the top of the point table.

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    Yesterday the match between MI and DC is also very interesting. At one stage I thought MI may lose the match. But they came back into the match and they won the match. Both batting and bowling of MI are very well balanced and they are able to win matches convincingly.
    This time CSK is not doing well and most probably MI is going to be the winner this time.
    Today's match between CSK and SRH will be also very interesting and I wish SRH should win and come back into the first four slots in the points list. I wish them all the best.

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    Today there is a crucial match between Banglore and Punjab. Punjab has to win every match to qualify. If it loses any match it would be depended on the other teams for the qualification. Criss Gale is also playing today's match. Let see what happens. K L Rahul is in good form. On the other hand, Virat Kohli and A. B. Devillairs have also found their rhythm. So, I think it would be a great match to watch. Enjoy the IPL 2020.
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    I love IPL. It is the best tournament in the world. I have been a fan of KKR for several years even if they have not been doing well this year.

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    I think delhi capitals have won the titile . DC is playing very well and it is more likely to reach the final and win it

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    CSK is best Team. But this year is best perforation given DC.

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    Yesterday's match between RR and CSK was quite unexpected in terms of target given by CSK. Althouhg the RR tems has not performed well, they won the match with the help of Jos Buttler and Smith. Now CSK is bound to perform well or the team will be out of the IPL 2020 tournament.

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    If we talk from the perspectives of winning the title, CSK is seeming a weak team this year. Definitely, CSK is missing the experienced players like Suresh Raina and Harbhajan Singh in the team but more importantly, even after 10 matches, CSK has not been able to find the perfect combination of team and batting order. Also, this is to be noted that a player like Suresh Raina not only contributes to the team but fills energy in the team too. Dwayne Bravo, an important player in the team is irregular in match playing due to injuries or bio-safety rules, which has also affected the team. Also, a player like Imran Tahir not getting enough chances due to combination issue is a serious problem. But in the end, I would like to say, it's a team game after all and Dhoni ji has the capability of turning the tournament into the right direction for his team. Let's see what happens next.

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    After 11/12 matches of this IPL season, the standing of the 8 teams are as follows:
    1. Mumbai Indians(MI) with 11 matches, 7 wins & 4 loss and total 14 points at an NRR of +1.252
    2. Delhi Capitals(DC) with 11 matches, 7 wins & 4 loss and total 14 points at an NRR of +0.434
    3. Royal Challengers Bangalore(RCB) with 11 matches, 7 wins & 4 loss and total 14 points at an NRR of +0.092
    4. Kolkata Knight Riders(KKR) with 11 matches, 6 wins & 5 loss and total 12 points at an NRR of -0.476
    5. Kings XI Punjab(KIXP) with 11 matches, 5 wins & 6 loss and total 10 points at an NRR of -0.103
    6. Rajasthan Royals(RR) with 12 matches, 5 wins & 7 loss and total 10 points at an NRR of -0.505
    7. Sunrisers Hyderabad(SH) with 11 matches, 4 wins & 7 loss and total 8 points at an NRR of +0.209
    8. Chennai Super Kings(CSK) with 12 matches, 4 wins & 8 loss and total 8 points at an NRR of -0.602

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    This has been an extraordinary IPL in more ways than one. Other than the fact that it has been organized with strict norms in the midst of the pandemic, on the field, there have been some stunning moves. No less than three superovers on a single day, two consecutive maiden overs for the first time ever in an IPL, and mind-boggling catches - wow! Then there was Hardik Pandya kneeling on completing 50 runs in the match against Rajassthan Royals, to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

    Now we have Punjab XI suddenly rising to fourth place from its last place on the table to give other teams the jitters since they just might upset the applecart of the KKR and RCB teams who were earlier sitting pretty in the top four but this no longer seems to be a surety. Still plenty of excitment on the cards!

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    Mumbai Indians has qualified and became the first team to qualify. MI played a great match. The Pollard show his talent and a good captaincy pave the path for winning.

    Today, though Channi super king is out of the tournament, KKR must have to win this match.

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    If I am not mistaken, under Pollard's captaincy Mumbai Indians have won one game and lost one in the current edition of the IPL. I sometimes think perhaps the field placements are not as good as the ones set by Rohit Shama. The ball often lands somewhere in no man's land where there ought to have been a fielder. Sometimes one can see a slip fielder's necessity or that of a third man coming up a bit too late when the ball has already hurtled towards the boundary past the wicketkeeper's gloves. Hence I think it is too early to rate him as good captaincy material in every sense of the term. If Rohit Sharma is ruled out of the remaining matches as well, and Pollard does lead the team to their fifth title, then truly the accolades would be deserved.

    In today's match, I will be rooting for KKR. They have started out well, with 16 runs in the first two overs, put into bat by CSK. I really feel sorry for Dinesh Karthik who seems woefully out of form in terms of both leading the side and batting, with the latter not showing any improvement despite stepping down from the former.

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    Although KKR made full efforts to win the game, with the big shots from Jadeja, CSK won it. It was difficult to predict the end till the last over but the boundary on the last ball by Jadeja finished the game. The victory of CSK in yesterday's match helped the MI team to confirm its position in qualifying teams for playoffs.

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    Just when the KKR team played well in both, the batting and bowling departments, they could not bag the match against CSK. Indeed, Jadeja made the winning runs and he has often played this same role in many matches for his team, calmly ensuring a victory in a seemingly lost situation. Yet, if it was not for the 72 runs scored by Gaikwad, the target would have been difficult to achieve and he truly deserved the Player of the Match award.

    There was a fabulous display from the RR team, meeting the huge target of 180+ against Kings XI Punjab, and keeping them well in the hunt for a playoff berth. Mumbai Indians won comfortably today against Delhi Capitals, who seem to have lost their way after all the initial back to back wins. Now let's see how the Bangalore team fares against the Hyderabad team.

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    So Mumbai Indians meets Delhi Capitals in the first play-off on 5th November, with the Delhi team winning over RCB yesterday. Now RCB has to await the result of the match between MI and SRH to know if they meet SRH or KKR in the other playoff on 6th November. Time to launch our exciting MAPs from tomorrow!
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    This year, IPL has keep all the team waiting to know itsin and out for the play-off stage. The first team to qualify was Mumbai Indians and after yestaerdays match, Delhi Capitals have taken the second place. Both the teams will be facing each other on Thursday, the 5th Nov'20. Todays match will tells us about the 3rd and 4th positin or the team that will make an entry for the play-off.

    If Sunrisers win then they will take the 3rd position or else Royal challengers will stick to its 3rd position and Knight riders will be the 4th team for the play-off. It is a do or die match for Sunrisers, as this final league match will decide their fate for the play-off stage.

    The 1st(MI) and 2nd(DC) position will play against each other on Thursday, the 5th Nov'20 and the winner will directly make their enrty for the finals of IPL 2020 while the looser will again get a chance to play with the winners of the 2nd play-off team on Sunday, the 8th Nov'20.

    The 2nd playoff will be on Friday, the 6th Nov'20 and the winner of the game will play against the losser of the 1st play-off on Sunday, the 8th Nov'20. The winner of the 3rd play-off will meet their opponent in the finals that will be played on Tuesday, the 10th Nov'20.

    Waiting for the exiciting Make A Prediction (MAP) that is scheduled from the playoffs stage which starts on Thursday, the 5th Nov'20 but the prdeiction or MAP contest will be announced one or two days before the actual match-day. All the best everyone.

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    So Mumbai Indians yet again lifted the glittering trophy with Rohit Sharma yet again asserting his leadership skills. Now we will look forward to the India-Australia series.
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