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    Do you believe in rebirth after our death?

    Dear All,
    Do you believe in rebirth after our death? It is said that our soul enters into another body to take birth again and we take birth according to our deeds (Karma) in our previous birth. After our death, do we take birth as human or any other creature like animal, birds, insects, etc?

    What is your thinking on this birth - death -rebirth?
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    I have seen many people dying at the young age and probably they are destined to live more but the fate took them to the death so early. In that case their desires, wants, and good happenings are left unattended and not achieved and they died with lots of expectations from the life. In that case surely that soul would seek the rebirth to continue and achieve the left over targets. But the take here is where and when that happens? Surely the rebirth may not be in the same city, state or the country but it does happens somewhere in the world for sure. But we have not came across such happening experience in the past.
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    It is a big question to know the right answer, according to the accepted conservation principle of science, energy is not destroyed in any state, only the form of energy can be changed. That is, just as energy is not destroyed, the consciousness cannot be destroyed. In scientific terms, consciousness can be called the purest state of energy. It is possible to enter consciousness into a new body by leaving only one body of consciousness. This is also the principle of rebirth. There have also been some cases where signs of past life are present on a person's body. Although the transformation of the soul is understandable, the reappearance of somatic signs is a puzzle even today.
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    Rebirth is a phenomenon many people believe. It was told by Lord Krishna to Arjuna in Bhagavadgita that the death is only to the body. There is no death to the soul. How we change our dress, the soul will also change the body as and when required. So I also believe in rebirth.
    What will you be in your next birth will depend on the acts you performed during this birth. You may be a person again or you may born as an animal or a creature. How many births one soul will have is also not known. As per Gita, a person who born should die and a person died should born again.

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    It is believed that when a person or to that extent any animal dies, its body becomes useless as the life energy or soul leaves it for another destination. This another destination is supposed to be a new birth of a young entity in any species and that propagation is not known to the human mind and in almost all cases the soul does not remember its past and resides in the new body afresh. This is what the ancient theory says and many people have experienced it and believe in it. So far so good. But the problem in these things is that until there is a logical and rational proof of these things or someone experiences it oneself then only the question of believing in it matters and has a weight. Otherwise people are free to conjecture whatever they want. Lobsang Rampa, an American, one fine morning told that he was a Tibetan in earlier birth and left US for Tibet and became almost like a monk and wrote some famous books like - The third eye. People believed him as he claimed that he experienced it. That is all. For believing we have to feel it. May be raise our metaphysical levels to those heights where we can see what we were in the last life.
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