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    Like ROI are you happy with ROC?

    As a investor we are very much concerned with the ROI that is return on investments thus made and when we feel that the asking rate is not satisfactory we shift the parked investment to the better yielding sources. Likewise, we raise many questions and threads on this site to seek the best discussions and arguments. Sometimes our posts get immediate and very good responses and many a time the posts starve for a single response. Are you getting satisfied with ROC i.e. Replies on the Content raised in this site? Discuss.
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    Good. It is true. If the post is going without notice the author may feel a little worried. But it all depends on the subject of the thread and the time availability to other members to read, think and reply. Sometimes very good threads may also go without any responses.
    Sometimes some threads which are not very important will also have many comments and many people will come out with their posts. Another factor I noticed is the time of our thread will also play an important role. Higher ROI will make you richer. So you should be more careful there.

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    The interesting thing here is there is no option in case of Threads that have low ROC. In the case of investment, there are opportunities to change the schemes of investment where the return is high but you cannot guess which threads will get more replies. It depends on a lot of factors and we cannot say that posts of high quality will get the most replies. I think since the topic of the thread varies, so is the choice of individuals. Members also do not post regularly and when there are some contests going on, the number of replies to a post reduces to some extent. So, at times we may feel a little unhappy because of fewer replies but that should not dishearten us to post interesting threads on a regular basis.

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    Since a comparison has been made to ROI then the reply to this should also match the high ROI factors.

    1. To get a high ROI you need to choose good funds means good topics/threads.

    2. You need to stay invested for long time, means you should continue to post good topics irrespective of the responses received.

    3. Change the funds in bearish in market, means change topics if regular threads or topics are not receiving enough responses/return.

    4. Lastly but the most important, scheme/fund investment is subject to market risks, please read the T&C carefully before investing, means that risk will always be there as the members can be any mood at any time and may or may not respond to all or any threads.

    Hope the ROI got a good ROC.

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    For outstanding threads ROC would always be good. For amusing and strange threads also ROC is generally good. Then there are issues regarding the number of threads available for making comment. If the number of people giving response is far less than the number of people floating the threads then we would have lower ROC for even the best topics. So we should keep a balance between the threads we float and threads we respond. I feel that for every forum post a member floats he or she should try to respond to at least 5-6 posts by other members. If we maintain this ratio, forum posts would never starve for responses.
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