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    When the life poised for glorious future why people spoil the chance?

    I have been talking about the fate of those upcoming actors who have created a niche for themselves and also had the fan following spoil their own chance of future and resort in such activities which bring bad name to them and also the Industry where they work. Attaining a stardom is very difficult and some actors are spoiling their glorious future by indulging in such activities which distances them from the very acting and future chance. They thought for their every move the Industry would support but it is otherwise.
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    Many times it happens. We may spoil our chances many times by reacting in a different way. All depends on our thought process at that moment of time. Some people can't budge to other people even though it may be good for their progress. Thay may be having some of their own principles and they may not like to go against those principles, I know some people who just left their jobs as they are getting forced to do some unwanted acts which are not good as per their principle and they choose to leave those positions. All depends on your mindset and priorities.
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    In the river of the glamour and showbiz there are some crocodiles hidden here and there. The new incumbents should be aware of them and should remain away and keep a distance from them as they would lure them and exploit on various accounts. These new people are to some extent much bothered for their rise and in a haste to achieve stardom hurriedly do some actions which cannot be reversed in future. It is unfortunate.
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