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    When you let go, you create space for better things to enter.

    Human is a bunch of emotions, thoughts and feelings. We face so many situations and hardships in life that we develop a kind of reaction or sometimes resistance for many things. Sometimes, a bad experience fills us with anger for someone or sometimes an action that went went wrong fills us with guilt.
    Now, such emotions are natural but holding on to them makes us stubborn and reactive to similar situations or people.

    It is in out best interest that we let go of such emotions or feelings that hold us back and once we do so, we create a space within us to let better things enter and give us a different experience than before.

    What do members have to say and do they have any such experience to share?
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    It depends on how we take all this experience in different situations. Being optimistic doesn't let us be a slave of negative thinking. Feeling anger or augmentation of any other negative aspect of human nature erode our positivity. So we should be careful of them. It's natural to dislike someone or something for any reason but it should be transient. It should never house in us for a longer period, else it will kill us inside.

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    We should not keep all the things in our mind always. We should leave them after some time as we have to carry on and attend other things. Many of us will forget the issues after sometimes. But only issues which will impact is heavy maybe they're in our mind but all other things may not be there in the mind for lone. As mentioned by the author we should not keep these issues for long and vacant the mind so that there will be space for new issues.
    I have seen some people if they are angry, the shout on the other person and forget forever. They will become normal. But some people will not leave them but keep in their mind for long and they will take revenge on the other person. Even then they will not forget. In our best interest, we should keep these emotions in our mind. We should leave them and forget them. Otherwise, the impact will be very high on our health and mind

    always confident

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    What I feel that when we reached something or achieved something what we envisaged, that should give lots of satisfaction and once that is achieved, then you are in the top now than others and this is the time to give space for others to occupy and even overtake our performance as they may be rearing to go with much creative intelligence and may even have better planning than us. That is the reason being the elders are sent back home in the name of retirement of age the next immediate person is given the promotion and that way the entire office gets the rejig of one step ahead promotions. Even at the ISC I some times feel that after achieving the top most ranking and having scored the best feeling in this site, we must gave the way to others to flourish and become more famous than us. But I have been called again.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Author has raked up an issue which is very nice to accept but very difficult to practice. Removing past painful memories and grudges from our mind is a very great trait and those who possess it, are the luckier lot. I think very few of us would be having that type of temperament. We should strive for that as that is the only way to progress ahead forgetting everything that happened like a bad dream as if it happened with someone else.
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