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    Do not worry about things that are not under your control

    We have the tendency of worrying about the issues and matters which are not under our control and not even our subjects yet we spend lots of time pondering over the same as if we have been asked to search for alternatives and solutions. Our immediate task should be to set right the things which are very much in our control and make a headway progress so that the stagnant perception was got over and our mind would be fresh now to think for other matter and even others matter. So stop spending more time on issues beyond our control.
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    Good suggestion from the author. There is no point in thinking controlling the things which are not in our control. Things to happen will happen. We can't stop it. So we should think about how to face the happenings and how to come out of such situations safely. Instead of that if you start thinking about how to stop that happening, you will lose time only.
    Sometimes we start thinking about the fast and we start worrying that we might have done this way or we might have behaved that way. But the time has already elapsed and we can't go back and correct. Now we have no control over that. So forget that and start getting ready for facing the consequences.

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    Life is not always the way it is thought or expected, but many outdoor situations are made such that we have to accept and understand ourselves for those situations. When we feel that we cannot change or stop some incidents that are happening, at that time the best option is that we stop worrying about it. Planning is a good thing that every person does throughout his life and results accordingly, but we can control ourselves in planning and life and not others.
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    Right said by the author. There are many things in life that are beyond our control yet, we spend a lot of time thinking on those issues. We cannot do anything about those issues and its always better to think and plan those issues which are in our control. Suppose if you are driving on an unknown road you are neither aware of the condition of the road nor about the turns and intersections. You can only control the steering while driving and avoid the potholes. If you stop driving by thinking that since the road is unknown there will be many obstacles then you won't be able to explore the road. The same thing is applicable in various aspects related to lives. What we can do, we must do and on which we do not have any control we cannot do anything.

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    The author has provided a valuable tip today to all of us and if we follow this it is going to benefit us immensely. Incidentally, I am a great follower of this doctrine that we should do our efforts and if something goes wrong then just analyse it and then proceed ahead in stead of weeping on the spoilt milk. Actually nothing is under our control. We only imagine that we have it. This is something like mirage which is not there but we run after it.
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    In our life, bringing the things not under our control to under our control is the efficiency of a person. If we only think about things under our control, what is the fun in life? It is not easy to control money flow, but every individual in this world aspires and strives hard to have control over the money.

    Live an interesting life by taking some risk to get the things not under our control to under our control.

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    Let me take a different route to respond to the suggestion by the author. If we stop worrying about things that are not under our control, I think we won't have anything to worry about at all. When we are not sure about even the next moment, it would not be wrong to say that life is full of uncertainties. But that does not mean that we keep worrying about each upcoming moment in our lives. We generally worry about things that are beyond our control only and that I think is a natural instinct.

    Yes, the gravity and extend of worry can be controlled and in some cases pondering may cross over to worrying which we may have to balance. Worrying as such cannot be, I feel, said to be a negative trait but getting struck in that circle and not making any efforts to come out of it or to find solutions is definitely a negative trait which we must avoid.

    Another angle to this thought is that once we stop worrying about things beyond our control, we are by default submitting ourselves to the concept of fate or destiny. While it is true that what must happen will happen, we, as human beings, are tuned to think and take precautionary measures to either overcome or to solve such uncertain instances.

    Let me repeat the example by Sankalan in his response above. When we are driving through an unknown road, it is quite natural for us to worry about so many things like the condition of the road, the facilities available etc but that does not mean that we stop driving. That is why I indicated about the level and extent of worry earlier in this response. Worry you must because otherwise you may tend to be careless but your worry must not hamper your logical thought process.

    So, as in any other case, worrying is something that cannot be avoided totally but our efforts must be to balance and limit our worries only to the extent to which it is needed and only to those matters with which we are directly or indirectly involved or affected and to channelise our efforts to overcome or skid through such uncertain situations or instances for positive results and our own physical and mental well-being.

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