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    Is there a limit for posting/commenting in forum based on membership level.

    I had been since few weeks regular in contributing to ISC and more so in Forum section. The problem I face is that after a few threads or comments I get a temporary restriction page if I try to post or comment.

    I wanted to know is this based on the membership level of a contributor or the restriction is a blanket restriction for all. Even in Ask experts section I face restriction as my previous questions are pending approval.

    Can anyone enlighten me on the exact number of threads I can create or the number of questions I can ask?

    I know that contribution should be equally distributed to all sections and I shouldn't hijack the entire section by commenting and creating threads, which is totally fair. I just wanted to knwo the exact process so that I can manage my contribution and time spent. Tried finding on the site but couldn't locate the exact resource for it.
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    Please check out this thread for details on posting limits. A revision of this comprehensive guide in which links to various help topics has been provided will also be of help to you.
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    As of now a member can post 15 threads spread over seven days in a week. Suppose you raise five threads today and five threads tomorrow, you are left with only five threads for another five days. And you will get the chance next week and that continues. Likewise in the forum responses you are not supposed to give one after other responses and that is not allowed. Sometimes we fail to mention the main points in the first response and try to raise the second response. You can always go the first response press the edit button and write the additional matter.
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    To post forum messages and to respond to forum posts, membership level is not applicable.
    To post responses to forum posts, there is no restriction.
    But to post threads, there is a restriction. In a week, a member can post 15 threads. That's the limit.

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