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    After India now US bans TikTok and WeChat.

    After India banning TikTok and PUBG, US has followed the suit of banning popular apps TikTok and WeChat. The ban is based on the security threats these apps pose.

    Is China spying on the whole World using its app or is it the reaction of Corona virus that has caused so much of reaction from all around the globe.

    Now China is retaliating with sanctions against US and is already causing as lot of headache at the borders in Ladakh to India.

    Has China gone bonkers?
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    There has been international suspicion about China's app, and in the Corona era, resentment towards China is increasing in many countries in the world. America is a big market for Tik Tok, with more than 100 million users. Tik Tok has been downloaded approximately 17.5 million times in the US. In this context, the closure of this video sharing app in the US will be a major setback for the Chinese company. Already, the company has suffered a lot due to the closure of Tiktok in India. India on Monday banned 59 Chinese apps, including TickTock, UC Browser, saying it was responsible for the security, integrity, and sovereignty of the country.
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    The present situation in the entire world is due to the irresponsible behaviour of China, many people believe. Theirs is the first country to get affected due to COVID 19. But they never revealed the whole world how they faced it and what are their experiences in controlling this virus. So almost all Nations are against that country. Of course, there may be some countries like Pakistan, who may support China.
    Because of that, all nations are trying to take revenge against them. The USA is one nation which is out and out opposing China. Japan is also opposing them. Many other actions may be taken by these countries to control China's progress. It is better not to take any chance with China. We don't know what information they are getting through these apps. So we should support the decisions of the government,

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    Actually US is in dilemma and they have not acted as quick as India when we banned the Chinese apps suddenly. Even today US has been ready to give permissions to Chinese apps provided they are in full control of US based companies hands. That kind of agreements could not crack though big companies came forward to have the tie up with Chinese apps and start resume a fresh. It was the US which shown the anger and even threatened to take action against China for spreading the virus in US and then slowed down. Even today China has been misbehaving with India through the LAC encroaching bid and the US keeping eye on the happenings but never dared to take actions. Because US has much China interest and President Donald Trump has the reason to go glow and act cautiously as that country is going to the polls shortly.
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    There was the severe setback to China due to our own initiatives banning the Chinese apps such as Tik Tok, UC browser etc. This has definitely eroded their revenue earnings. The attitude of China is beyond our comprehension. Corona virus spread is attributed to their negligence resulting in the spread of the disease throughout the universe. They are not transparent enough providing you any clue of its control.
    Irritation of America with the China suggests numerous factors and at the present moment, America, too, has taken steps to close down their apps. Let us see how other countries are responding in relation to banning their apps.

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    Knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally or unintentionally, China has initiated a war against the world nations through a invisible virus, and conquered the world that can be called World War III without firing a single bullet. Now it is time for all the world nations to teach a lesson to China. The only means to fight against China is to bring its economy down by boycotting all its products in the world market. This can be called World War IV, a silent war. US is right in following suit after India banned most of the Chinese apps.
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