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    It is necessary to have emotional intelligence to get progress.

    The ability to manage interpersonal relationships and harmoniously by controlling and directing their emotions according to the situation is called Emotional Intelligence.

    It is basically the ability to recognize and manage one's emotions and control them by understanding other's emotions.

    I believe that a person with good intellectual qualities can achieve good success, but it is also necessary to have an emotional understanding to get progress.
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    Emotional intelligence is also a very important issue for our success in our career. In our profession, we have to work in many teams and all the team members will not be alike always. We have to deal with them and see that we will get the best out of them. Here the EQ will play a very important role. An individual with good IQ but not good at EQ may perform well as an individual but he will be a failure in a team. Persons who are having good IQ, as well as EQ, will be always good and they will be good leaders.
    Getting emotional is natural but controlling them and using them for our favour is important for success in a career. Sometimes we may be facing our angry boss. In that situation, we will also may get angry but we should control and wait for the right time to vent it. Like this, we may have to face many situations where we have to control our emotions, reserve them and use them at the correct time.

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    Be intelligence to us and taking care of our needs and wants is not the progress at all. One must understand the possible requirement of others and start behaving in that direction and setting our priorities in that way would be the best way to lead the life. More than our emotion we must take care of others who are in dire need of our support and solution to which they are eagerly waiting. What is more importance is the fact that we should not transfer our wrong emotions to those who require our attendance and not mere expressions. Once we control and manage our emotional intelligence with others we mastered the very existence of life. And those who have control over them and also wield control over the others, through their emotional quotient, they are most liked and admired by the people around them.
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    We are all human beings and not robots working in the automated factories and we have emotions as well as sentiments. So while working in a place whether it is an office or factory or multinational company, when we interact with others these attributes would invariably lace our discussions and work flow. So, intelligent people manage their emotional quotient well in getting along others and it is a well known fact in managerial lines that if an employee is perturbed due to his family problems or other such personal problems a good manager would share his problems and console him for improvement before assigning him a task. So, intelligent people are using this tool in their workplace and taking the mileage out of it. So, we can conclusively say that it definitely helps if used in the right perspective.
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