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    ISC test- You are given half an hour time to cast your best performance

    ISC members are intelligent and creative. While some are very good at writing useful articles and that cannot be prepared just like that. Some are good at posting jobs and that needs lots of verification and hoisting. Some are good at being the experts in giving replies in the ask experts section. And many are interested in the forum section by raising good threads and appending their best answers to various post. Now accept this test. If given half an hour time in which section you will give your best attention to prove yourself performance wise to out smart others and how?
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    If half an hour time allotted to me I shall raise three threads and make replies to at least three posts raised by others.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    If I was given half an hour time, I will go to the Ask Expert section and try to see the questions asked for and answers given by the experts. It will give me a chance to know some additional information about the subject of the question. If I have something to add I will do that. Why I prefer this section is it gives a chance to us to learn something and also to share some knowledge we have to others and if it is useful to them m, it will give us pleasure.
    The second option is the Forum section. After completing the AE section if still, I have some time left I will come to that section.

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    I think I would also go to forum section and float some good topic and in the remaining time try to response to at least 4-5 threads already existing there and if I get time remaining in my hands may be try to answer one question in the Ask Expert section.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    If alloted half an hour, I would go through the AE section and would see if there is any question for which I can write something confidently. If the question is within my capacity to put forth some idea, I would take up that. If there is some time left, I would next go to the Forum Section and choosing at least one, I would dwell on that section.
    It would be my priority to share some informations through my write ups so that readers would like such pieces of information.

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