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    Breathing is not just a physical activity but our whole life..

    We inhale and exhale in the same way that love comes and goes in us every moment. We cannot store it, If we try to catch the breath, we will die. The same is about love, so remember that being in love is like being in existence. Our love should be like breathing. Just as the breath is in and out and in the same way we should love without any effort.

    When you exhale, try to express that you are expressing love and when you inhale, you should feel that love is going inside you. If you think this way, you will soon feel that the quality of your breathing is changing. This is the reason why we call breathing air as life air because it is not just about breathing and it is not just about taking oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide but it is life.
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    Good deep thought by the author.
    Breathing in itself is a complete cycle of life. First thing you do when your are born is inhale and when you die exhale.
    Now each cycle of inhalation and exhalation is life and death. Even in meditation and any kind of exercise we are taught to inhale good thoughts/energy/positive emotions and exhale negative thoughts/emotions/toxity, etc.

    Even the inhalation takes in oxygen which is life giving and exhale carbon dioxide which is deadly for humans.

    Live before you leave.

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    Very right. In Yoga and breathing exercises we learn things like that only. Inhaling and exhaling are the two activities where everything depends and more one can breath in more one would be able to exhale. We are also told to hold the breath for some time.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Appreciation to the author for comparing the breathing to the likes of love and expression and that is very true. By breathing we create a way to live by inhaling and exhaling likewise we must treat the love showered on us from all quarters and try to reciprocate the same through our liking process for them. After all this life is not going to sustain for long time and what ever available people within our striking range, we must respect and adore them even for their small success in life and that would create a great change in them because everyone of us gets flattened for the appreciation done and we would try to further improve our presence and performance. And inhale those who are good at you and supportive always and exhale those who are bad to you and not to your understanding level in the life.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A very good thought. Breathing is a continuous process and the money you stop breathing, you are not there. So breathing can't be stopped. Sometimes we will try to hold it and if we can hold it for long that will become breathing exercise which improves our health. Love is also like that. Go on sharing love with others and always try to be loving others. That will give you good health.
    Loving should always be a two-way system. We should love all and all others should be loving us. We should behave in such a way that people will try to interact with you and help you in times of requirement. This will happen only based on your behaviour. So behave nicely. start sharing love to others, Then automatically people will love you and help you.

    always confident

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