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    With Affiliate Marketing fast picking up, do you think Google Adsense still holds good?

    We all know that Google Adsense is a way of earning passive income through your websites, Youtube videos or Apps. Though many similar monetising programs were emerged, non could compete with Google Adsense. But nowadays, Affiliate Marketing is fast picking up, be it Amazon Associates or Flipkart Affiliate. And Google puts lot of rules and regulations for its Adsense account holders. In this scenario, do you think Google Adsense can still hold good when compared to Affiliate Marketing?
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    The author has brought an important information for the site administrators and also the members to think on the suggestions made. As we know getting a Google AdSense has become very challenging for the new members of this site and there has been so many conditions and riders posed by the Google and even when we earn our money gets detected for some reason or the other and payments are not forthcoming citing rules. In this context the new Affiliate Marketing seems to be challenge posed for the Google and our webmasters should explore the possibility of getting the same to our members.
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    Affiliate marketing is really picking up. Many people are into this these days. But we should be able to find out a good seller or product creators and we should get a link for that from the seller and then place that advertisement on our website or blog. Here presently what Google is doing that work is to be carried out bu us. Google is very popular and sellers will definitely opt for Google so that they will get much advertisement. The seller will get the advantage of getting his advertisements published on many blogs which are in contract with Google. But as an individual blog or website we have to do this means, the seller should get the confidence and we should be able to show the business to him and then only we get revenue. I don't know whether the people having Google Adsense can try this affiliate market also.
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    It depends on the Niche of website. Some website holds good for affiliate marketing, if it runs by one person for one person. But website like ISC, where people create content needs adsense for income.
    ISC also uses some affiliate banners time to time. I hope you have noticed that in past.

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    Affiliate marketing is picking up slowly but right now Google is holding the fort in this area and even the big sites are dependent on it in one way or other. So for making revenue, Google Adsense is still the number one choice and priority for the various sites as well as individuals. Some sites are there which do not have association with Google Adsense and are serving the ads in their own ways and sharing the revenue with the contributors. That type of thing only some big or mega sites can afford to do where traffic is more. Others will have to be contented with their association with Adsense however stringent its rules might be.
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