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    Denying the digital right is a discrimination

    Dear members as you all know it has been more than a year now since the abrogation of article 370 and suspension of the high-speed internet in J&K. The last time when the 2G internet was restored in my district was on 25 January 2020 only to be suspended on 26 January 2020. It was not the only time that even 2G internet access was denied.
    It was suspended many times since January this year. The most recent internet suspension was during the last four days and I was unable to login to this site. I have raised threads on the internet problem before and I didn't want to raise this one again. But then I thought silence is not the solution.
    If authorities felt the problem with 4G, therefore, suspended it and allowed only 2G internet. And I am unable to understand what is wrong with 2G internet that even this staggering and low-speed internet seems problem and is suspended again and again. Isn't it digital discrimination. Restricting the internet has created huge problems for a common man. If not 4G why even 2G internet is denied to the people?
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    We the people of India do understand the plight of the Kashmiri people and we are sympathetic to your every legitimate demands and rights. We too want Kashmir to live on the lines of other states and enjoy all the basic benefits. But the slur on the state being frequently attacked and targeted by the terrorists prevent the government to take steps beneficial to the common man there. However sincere efforts are being made to be self reliant. Just now came across the news that 78 percent of the population were given the self protection guns as part of empowering the people with own security as the state is more vulnerable to attacks from various quarters. Nevertheless the Central government wants full freedom to the citizens of Kashmir and even the internet facility or the digital freedom would be made available to them shortly.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Yes. The people should have the freedom of using the internet. There is no second thought about that. But unfortunately, some anti-social elements are trying to misuse the facilities and trying to create security problems. This attitude is creating a real problem. The terrorist who is trying to create problems in the country is trying to hide in this area and trying to make the people suffer. That is making the government go for restrictions. Genuine people like you are suffering. The government should take this matter seriously and sort out the problem and see that a genuine common man will never suffer and they should also have freedom. I hope the central government will work in that direction and make people of this state have all the facilities that are given to a common man in other States. I understand the real problem of people like the author who are suffering a lot because of the restrictions.
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    Mohan, please give the source of your information regarding government giving arms to the people of Kashmir for self-protection. I think it is ridiculous. How can a government that has withdrawn 4G facilities in the Valley in the name of security issue arms to the people even if it is for self-protection. Please confirm that the information you shared is authentic and verified.
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    K Mohan
    Sir, giving arms licence to the people in a place where already a deployment of forces are more than 7 lakh, is actually a huge problem! Why do you need to provide guns to people when forces are there to protect you. Don't you think it is a step towards disrupting the peace?

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    In any state, all the people are not bad or terrorists or miscreants. It is the few which make the name and reputation of the state at stake and the punishment is being shared by the whole population. It is the duty of the general public not to support the bad elements and instead expose them. Until that type of public participation is not there the situation would remain fluid. In the past in many states we had experienced this type of problems in one way or other and the central Govt had to resort to tough measures. But unfortunately the public suffers because of the misdeeds of a few. So citizens have to take a call on these things and cooperate with the Govt in all the measures which are aimed in improving the law and order situation in a particular state.
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