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    Do not leave your freinds half way

    It is the facts that we have many friends around, some are very close to the heart and we share one and everything with them, some are average friends with whom we never have personal talks and many are those who just say hello and smile nothing else. But we have to care those friends who are with us during the good and bad times and we may even have some tiff between us for small issues and want to part the friendship. We should never do that mistake as friendships are made for ever and not a part time for passing time.
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    True. Friendship is not for personal gain. Friendship should be for sharing love and helping each other when there is a need. If you are not responding to the needs of your friend, you will not be a real friend. Making friendship when you want some favour from a person and leaving him afterwards is not a good policy. Then nobody will consider you as a good friend and may start ignoring you also.
    A real friend will never bother about his comfort when his friend is in some problem. If you have any such friend never leave him and develop the same thinking and attitude like your friend which will make you have more friends and they will come to your rescue when you want.

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    It is very true that a good friendship is a matter to cherish and rejoice for a lifetime. Bad times come to everyone but it does not mean that we leave our friends in the lurch. That is the time when the friend would require help and counselling to come out of the adverse situation. One might not be able to help financially but some good consoling words are sufficient for relieving the friend from the anxiety and pain through which he might be passing. It is said that sharing itself cures a person of his disturbed mind condition and if we do not give him opportunity to share with us then with whom would he do it.
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    Your friend in the troubled state would seek some kind word from you or at least, you must hear him which is pinching him most. Sharing with your friends in the troubled time would provide him a lot of encouragement. May be he is in need of some money for the ongoing treatment of his wife and your timely help will ease his situation. Though not always, it is the money factor, he needs some kind words to be heard from you because of departure of his ailing father or some news of similar nature. Keeping mum on such occasions would mean that you are distancing yourself with your friend and this will hurt him badly.

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    It's very important and we should not bother about the occasional tiffs with our friends. A wonderful relation like friendship has to be nurtured and during trying times our friends only come to rescue us. The relationship with our friends is based on sharing and caring and it helps to enrich our lives in various ways. There are people who may think only of personal gains even in friendship and ultimately they are the loser. True friendship is something we all need and we must care for our friends all the time to make the relationship stronger each day.

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    Friendship is the relationship that you decide on your own, while all the other relationships are made by you. One day if you do not meet your friends, then you become so restless and try to know his well-being as soon as possible. We can understand how special this relationship is. True friends, through their presence with us in moments of grief and sorrow, inspire us to move forward in life, to struggle, and to win this war by defeating sorrow and suffering. Friends cannot take away our sorrow and pain from us, but they definitely increase our power to bear that pain with their presence. It is an infinite relationship, which always operates without any transaction rules. It is a special and unique relationship of love and affection with someone else in the world. True friendship never sees the caste, community, religion, and color of the person and we should always support such friends
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