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    We respond to negative things more than positive things, why?

    In general we have a tendency to respond to negative things more than to positive things that happen around us. For example, in a newspaper there are all kind of news but the headlines or news that are negative take our attention more than a general news that has more relevance. Same goes with TV news, we like to stay on news that are presented with more of drama than a general news presented in a normal ways. Although, news anchor are now more of a Cartoon characters than news reader.

    Is this some kind of human nature or is there some lacking within us that pulls our attention to negative things or even sensational things. No doubt, news these days are spiced up more than a masala curry and every news is a breaking news.

    Do any member also notice such a tendency within them?
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    It is inherent human tendency and it also proves that the common ancestors of the humans and other animals were same. I remember when we were in class VII, one of our classmates who was from a rich family brought a few cigarettes in the school and in the interval took us to the nearby bushes and offered us a taste of that. We were so excited and happy as if we got some treasure or something of unprecedented nature. He told us if we kept it secret then he would do this favour again to us. We immediately promised to him whatever way he wanted. So, this is one small example but thrill of doing something wrong cannot be described in words. It is something that probably people were yearning for and suddenly if they get an opportunity then why they would reject it.
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    To construct is very difficult and time taking. But to destroy is easy and will not take much time. To imbibe good habits is difficult but bad habits can be acquired easily. To earn is difficult and to spend is easy. Like this negative news will attract us more than the positive news. Many people will have this trait. A piece of negative news which tells something about others will be very much interesting to the people. Many people show more curiosity about negative news only. The media will always take the advantage of this weakness of human beings and try to exploit the same. That is why they give more importance to negative news either in newspapers or on TV news channels.
    Many channels are trying to cover more negative news and many times they arrange discussions and interviews with people on these negative matters only. They think that more people will get glued to their channels and their rating increase.
    People should always get into a positive frame of mind so that they will have good and positive thoughts always. But the reverse is happening which is very unfortunate.

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    This is an interesting post. I think positive and constructive things are generally difficult to imbibe and adopt in practice while negative and evil things can be done quickly without any learning involved. Human nature is generally tailor made in this respect. There are people who can control this trend and reverse it.
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    We all have the tendency to enjoy those things which were happening unusual and we give lots of time and also spend with those news and channels which are showing negative things that are not seen or heard in the past. For example we were thinking that Bollywood actors are mentors and we ape their style statements and dialogues and even change our lives living. But when we came to know that some of the big stars are in the drug addict and drug racket, we feel disturbed and want to snap the fan ties with them. We regard some actors with esteem and when they do some negative things much against our expectations we wants to know much about them as to why they gone wrong and for what reason. One thing is sure the negativity impact would be there on us because the reporting of such news has become the order of the day for TRP benefits.
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