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    Give a man a gun he can rob a bank! Give a man a bank he can rob the World

    The plight of a common man is such that, if he keeps his money at home it fetches him nothing and if he keeps it at a bank, it still fetches him nothing. Many times the bank even keeps the money which never belonged to the bank to keep and the common man is made to beg to get his money back.

    PMC Bank or Punjab & Maharashtra Co-operative bank is a burning example of that where a few individuals viz. Wadhawan brothers did the scam and made the life of thousands of depositors hell. Now the person who kept his lifelong savings in the banks is forced to either commit suicide or borrow from someone else.

    This proves the said quote in headline of a man owing the bank can rob the World. It's painful to even imagine that your own money is withheld for no fault of yours and your trust in banking system crumbled in a second. Now one would prefer keeping the money at home only as this way the money may not grow but atleast will be there in times of need.
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    In the present circumstances, it is not that easy to rob a bank with a gun and to rob the world by a bank. Banks have security guards with guns to chase the robbers and CCTV cameras to identify the robbers. In both cases, the brain is one element that needs to be attached to the gun, to be successful in robbing the bank or the world.

    Bankers have a good brain to think and loot, but depositors have no brain, but only hope.

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    I think these days to rob bank openly no gun is required. You can rob money if you have a wise brain and if the bank top officials are cooperating you. Many industrialists take loans from the bank and spend as they like and finally they can't repay that money and fly away to another country. The people in the power may help him. The bank officials also help him. But a common man who keeps his hard-earned money has to make rounds to the bank to withdraw the money from the bank. That is how things are happening here. The present government is trying to bring the culprits back but when their efforts will prove to be successful is not known.
    That is why my elders used to say you work hard and make 100 rupees and that will get multiplied by itself. But those days Rs100/- itself is a very huge amount but these days we can say if you have a crore of rupees with you, you can get it multiplied easily.

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    The gist of the heading truly conveys that those who have the connections and approach to the big leaders of the government and administration have the access to big larges and amenities which the common man cannot even imagine. When we seek the loan the bankers would ask several questions and even bother the since guarantor with so many signatures taken as if we are going to ran away after taking loan. But I doubt the same yardstick is followed by the big borrowers. They would prepare a wonderful company profile with a professional outlook and place all the figures that would confuse the bankers and their higher staff but ultimately end up giving big loans after accepting the under hand dealings of commission. And one fine morning the so called new company goes bankrupt and insolvent and the person goes flying to other country of no return.
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