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    Sale of junk food ban by FSSAI, in and around 50 meters of school premises.

    A very welcome move has been brought by the Food Safety & Standards Authority of India, wherein it has banned sale of all junk foods like burger cola and all food with high sugar content and sodium. Now the junk food will not be sold in the premises and within 50 meters of the school gate. Even advertisment has been banned near schools.

    This has been very strongly objected by small-business and trade bodies as they fear loss of sale and also the FMCG companies will suffer losses.

    What I fail to understand that how come children be a target consumer for such companies which are selling a junk food which in the end harms these kids so much that they suffer obesity and high BP at very young age. Their immune system is hampered and they become fat and slow and their studies suffer. Kids are the future of this nation, how can we play with their future just for earning few bucks.

    Business is important but not at the cost of the health of our children. I welcome this move and support it totally and expect strict implementation of the same, what do members think of this?
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    I think it is a good move. Definitely this will help children to improve their health. All should appreciate the decision of the Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). Eating junk food is a big threat to the health of students.
    My elder son ate Pizza in a shop in an exhibition in Hyderabad when he was in B Tech and he suffered from indigestion and motions problems and took some time to get cured. The doctor told the Pizza what he ate might not be a fresh one.
    There is no point in complaining about this decision by business people. How they ask school-going children to eat these junk foods for their profit. Let them go near to colleges. The parents should see that their children will never get the habit of eating junk food. Then the children will not get into such habits. We can control the children at least when they are in school going age. Once they start going to college it will be very difficult ot control them.

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    School going children and kids are ultimately the backbone of our nation and we must ensure that they are getting right nutrition through the foodstuffs. If the school authorities are banning some fast foods as suggested by FSSAI to sell such items within 50 meters of school premises, it should be considered as a welcome move. These kids should be given some appropriate training which foods are benificial to them. At all costs, fast foods are to be avoided because of the several drawbacks associated with such foodstuffs. High triglycerides, excess salt and presvatives of packaged foods would make them bulky. This will give rise to High BP and Diabetes at later stage. Pizzas and Burgers are definitely not the substitutes of the wholesome snacks prepared at our households.

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    Children will general go for tasty junk foods if given an opportunity. Why children, there are many adults who would love to do that. The whole business of junk foods is surviving on our taste buds and it has become a status symbol to get pizza, cakes, cool drinks etc on children's birthday or other such functions. How to control this trend is a big problem not only for the Govt but also for the senior members of a family where children insist them to get these items for them. When doctor says to the patients that they have two options one is to take simple healthy food and other is to take junk foods along with medicines or vitamin supplements, many patients select the latter. Anyway, it is a good decision to curb the sale of the junk food items near the school.
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    More than us children knows where and when the junk foods would be sold at which shops has the best collections. If the present rules has to be followed some of the Kirana and provision stores in every street corners sell the same and it is not possible to ban or close those shops. The rule may be implemented for the sake of it for few days with some warnings to the shops but in reality the full ban cannot be implemented as the junk food culture has deep penetrated in to every shop in the urban and rural areas and the children already got addicted to packed junk foods which are available at affordable rates.
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    What effect this ban will have? As if our children go to school to eat junk food only! What about the junk food they take out of the fifty meters? At their homes, when they go out with family and so many other instances? What would be the percentage of junk food intake by children during school hours or as they move in or out of school? Meager, I am sure, when compared to the general intake.

    And the funniest part is the ban on advertisements near school premises. What effect such an order will have when there are so many avenues for advertising products?

    Issuing such orders without going into the details and studying the problems and finding the right solutions might be the call of the day and it will merely remain on the paper. This ban, it appears, is an eyewash and probably has been issued with some ulterior motives.

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    This decision is a fair decision taken in the interest of students, has banned the sale and advertisement of 'Junk Food' within a radius of 50 meters from the canteen and school boundary. Its purpose is to ensure safe and nutritious food for children. The regulator has proposed that foods high in fat, salt, and sugar not sold to school children in school canteens or mess premises or kitchens of hostels or within 50 meters of school premises can go. It has said that companies or traders (FBOs) that trade in foods rich in fat, salt, and sugar will be barred from advertising such foods within a 50-meter radius of the school campus or school campus. Also, school officials should implement a program to encourage safe and nutritious food.
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