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    Do you support Agri bill brought out by Center?

    Two days back, a comprehensive Agri bill was introduced in Loksabha and later to Rajyasabha and were passed under great pandemonium. As BJP got majority in LS it passed the bill easily even the opposition strongly desisted against the bill. But in RS opposition strongly defended against the bill but the speaker passed the bill without any eloctronic voting confirmation. Even some of the allies of ruling party opposing this bill indicates that there is some problem with the bill. Opposition arguing this bill will pave way for Corporate sector to control farmers and finally that will lead to actual destruction of farming practices in India and the farmers have to face severe consequences. Along with the farmers, the consumers also have to face dire consequences as the agri products are decided by corporate sector.Like demonetization and GST bills failures by present government, this bill may also lead to destruction of Indian economy is what many intelligent elite fore seeing. Agriculture is the life line of Indian people and Indian economy. What is your strong opinion with regard to the present move by the central government. Don't think on party bias views and tell your heartfelt opinion.
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    This bill received both appreciations and criticism from MPs. Here the main disputed point is that Private corporates may exploit the situation and minimum support price system may go away. If the farmer is not financially sound and corporates may go and start investing and try to use the farmer as an employee with minimum payments to him. That will be a real blow to the small and medium-scale farmers. The government says that the system of minimum support price would continue but no announcement to that effect is made in parliament, I believe. In one way it is good that farmers need not sell the product for a lesser price but financially not so well farmers can't dictate terms as they don't have money to play around. The farmers can make contracts with agribusiness firms. But here also the financial position of the farmer is again a question. Whether farmers can dictate their terms is a big question. I feel the government should make provisions for farmers to store their products and sell when the price is profitable to them. All these days middlemen are playing a role now companies will start doing that job and there will not be any change in the position of the farmer.
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    I fully support the agricultural bill which was brought by the government and accepted by both the houses of parliament amidst uproar scenes from the opposition. The bill envisages total freedom to the farmers to produce the crop, chose the market, sell at the price suited to him without going to the customary marketing yard where he was hitherto dominated by the strong middle man lobby which never allowed the farmer to get more price. In the present bill the farmer can chose other market and other state to sell his product and thus good rate on the investment in the crops assured. Farmers were heavily pressurized by the middleman tactics and they siphoned much of the profits and the farmers got the pittance and hence with the new bill provisions, the farmers would be out of shackles of the middleman and no one would dare now to obstruct his sales.
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    No government would go against the farmers of that country. If it does it, it is like digging its own grave. I think the bill is not made clear about the impacts. According to me, the bill would help the farmers as well as the consumers by avoiding the middlemen playing a dirty role to benefit themselves hugely. As it is normal practice, the opposition always goes against any bill proposed by the government. They try to put down the government whenever they get an opportunity. BJP farmers would be happy and the Congress farmers would be unhappy though happy.
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    Many provisions have been made in this bill in the interest of farmers. This bill is deemed appropriate, its main objective is to protect the farmers from the uncertainty of the market, the price being fixed earlier. The procurement of crops from farmers at minimum support price (MSP) will continue as before and MSP will be announced soon for upcoming Rabi crops. Only and only the interests of farmers have been protected in these bills. The bill provides for payment to farmers within just three days of the sale of agricultural produce. Due to reduced duty or tax burden on the marketing of agricultural products, farmers will get a higher price for their produce. Mandia will not end, there will continue to be undone business. In this system, farmers will get the option to sell their produce in the market as well as other places. This bill ensures an increase in the income of farmers by reducing marketing costs.
    Swati Sharma

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    Whenever a running Govt wants to do something good for the people then opposition finds out some negative things in that. It is not a new thing and if opposition does not make hue and cry then who will give importance to them. Actually opposition parties have not done their homework properly and started to oppose it on some imaginary assumptions. This bill is actually meant to test the other options also for the villagers to sell their products. If it does not work then Govt is there to buy the product at MSP. So, basically bill is to help the farmers. Now it is obvious that some middlemen would be affected by this bill as their monopoly to buy from the villagers would cease when big companies come ahead for that. That is why this hue and cry.
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    In our country, most of the farmers are not educated well to read, interpret and understand the fact. So far , the main beneficiery of agriculture products are the middlemen, the commission agents, who make money and let the farmers suffer with less price. Small farmers may not sell their products to the government, but to the commission agents only due to the distance and transportation involved.

    With the introduction of the farm bill, the MSP will continue and farmers are at liberty to sell their products in the local markets without any interference by the government or any agency.

    It is the politicians who have control over the farmers products are misleading the farmers. Also, the problem is now created by the middlemen belonging to both the ruling and the opposition parties who are instigating the farmers to agitate by feeding wrong information about the bill.

    I would say that the parliament is right in passing the bill without voting in RS.

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    If the corporates are able to help the farmers by offering them good prices for their products and the government continues the minium support rate for the products, the bill will definitely do good to the farmers.
    If the middlemen are avoided, definitely there will be some profit to the seller as well as the buyer. But the main problem is the storing of their goods. Many small and medium range farmers are not having a proper infrastructure and hence they sell the items from the field itself to the middle men for a very less prices. This problem is to be addressed by the government.

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    When ever a party comes to power with majority of its own and having good sway over the other like minded parties, the pending bills are given new thoughts and re arranged to bring in a greater insight through which larger liking would be got for their bills. And this agriculture bill is done after so much spade work and taking into account the suggestions of the expert committees and market observers as to how to keep the farmers happy as every time there cannot be loan waivers and thus the empowerment of farmers has to be essential and therefore this far reaching changes were created.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    The bill received opposition not only from the opposition parties but the NDA own ally Siromani Akali Dal. Mrs. Harsimrat Kaur Badal resigned from the cabinet in protest against the bill. She said that one of the farmers she talked to brought the example of Jio. He told her how Jio attracted the customers initially and later on enhanced the rates of the plans. She gave this example in one of her briefings. There is no doubt that this will help the big players. How they will play out, we have to wait and watch.
    The Government does not purchase the entire produce at Minimum Support Price. It will have some targets and the farmer has to sell the rest in the open market. We have to wait and watch how this will turnout.

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