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    I am seeking for new concept for website development.

    I am seeking for new concept for website development. can anyone give some suggestion on category or subject to develop my new website. It will be based on India only , in Past I tried question and answer type website but that become fail due to some reason so this time I want good topic which can get good traffic and it should be helpful for many peoples.

    I think for Education related ISC mostly covered everything so other than education you can suggest some topic.

    I know there is very big competition among website so monopoly subject is very difficult to get but still we will try our best.

    I hope you all are going to help me on this matter. Thanks in advance.
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    You are very right in telling that there is much competition among the websites. There are, it seems, millions of them (may be billions if one considers individual blogging pages also). It is very difficult to make a niche area for one's website in this crowd. Still, there are some fields and topics where everyone cannot enter and probably these are what you are targeting or looking up to. I will try to share my knowledge in this matter. Some things which hold attention and attraction for the visitors and information seekers could be -

    1. High end articles on DIY or home hobby areas - What I mean by high end articles is that it can go to a length of 2500 words and more and contains good content covering all the aspects of that particular hobby. Would require a lot of research and one can write such articles may be one per 1-2 months time.

    2. Comparison sites - Today people are buying gadgets and before that they want to see the similar ones and then select one as per their liking. So comparison charts and tables are a lot handy for that. It is a tough area and might require a lot of homework. I feel it is worth trying.

    3. Procedures and processes - There are a number of offices and agencies in our country and people have to approach them for some work. Whether it is a bank or state Govt office, everywhere there will be a procedure for getting something done or pursue it. So compiling these procedures and presenting it on the front page when one queries about it is also an interesting area to explore. It has immense potential for attracting traffic. The elements can be as simple as - 'How to open a Savings Bank account in Post Office?'

    4. Short duration low end temporary jobs - This I was thinking for some time and it is good that you made me to recollect it. This has potential in a local area where people want to make a little money with part time short duration temporary jobs. It could be 2 hours on some week day alternating after 2-3 days gap or things like that. This requires a lot of information from the households and shops in a small area where short time work is created but people are not readily available to do that because of little remuneration and temporary nature. But there are many like students who would love to do that.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I am giving you fairly broad Niche. You can work on "how to" type articles, it has more then 10s of millions topics to be covered. You can also target India or other countries. Going in this niche may not be easy, so if you are working on this niche. Kindly work as regular business.

    some topics are
    how to take a screenshot
    how to make french toast
    how to make money online
    how to clear cache
    how to lose weight

    You can also make site on certain focussed title like
    how to create an app
    how to create a youtube channel
    how to create a website
    how to create a podcast
    how to create a graph in excel

    I hope you have got an idea of making website on how to keywords.

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    Yes correctly said I checked all reply I think home kitchen related topic still a best topic because world's public watch about recipes and other tips and trick to keep family happy and healthy. I also experienced peoples are getting good money like salary from recipes videos.

    Its my bad luck I do not know much about recipes I will take other topic for my website , I am still waiting for best reply for my quesiton.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    I suggest you two topics. You can think of these projects.
    1. Earn Money: If you have good ideas about this market, it will attract many viewers. Many people will get attracted to your site if you have real good ideas in this direction. You can combine affiliate marketing also and if you post interesting and useful articles regularly you will get good viewers, I think it will be a good subject.
    2. Weight loss: This will be an interesting topic these days. Many people want to lose excessive pounds. If you have some good ideas about it and if you have done anything on this subject, your website will get attracted by many people and you will have good number of viewers.

    always confident

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    Most of the people want to earn through the online process and there is no proper guidelines as to which site is genuine and how to go about. Such kind of directing web development site is required.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    for comment #710611
    Make money and weight loss is niche which can make lot of money but it requires hard work. It needs lot good content and lot of seo needs to be done.

    If you succeed in these niche you may be able to earn $XXXXX per month and selling these sites may give you lakhs of $$.

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    I think we all are working on ISC and ISC itself is genuine site to work and earn money. Second site which is best is YouTube and google blogging, You can make good videos and can apply for monetization to start earning good money. AdSense account is must with that .
    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    Isc is one of the best websites for making a career into the blogging field. If you're looking to create an independant website, you would first have to learn the abcs of content creation. In this regard ISc is no doubt a field player. That said the field still requires lot of hard work and dedication just like any pro fields. The difference is you get more freedom of movement and flexible hours to work. So if you're someone who'se looking into supplementing his/her own income or trying to live by your own rules and dedicate your life for something more noble then this field is a go to field for you. I would suggest that the author try looking into solving problems faced in the education sector by our students and bring about a novel concept into his website. This will make your website not only popular with the youth which is a majority in India but also create a new tool for the kids to further up their career growth in easier manner. Maybe create a gamified version of learning content or make it easier for kids to solve math problems, or make them solve real world problems through learning. You can also create intresting content relating to political or social issues. Create satire or write video novels. Hope this helps!!!

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