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    What a person needs most in times of difficult circumstances.

    In adverse circumstances, only the person who takes the right decision leads to success and the person who cannot handle himself at such a time feels the failure. Ultimately what may be the most important quality to make the right decision in adverse times.

    In the adverse circumstances, first a nervousness arises in the person and in that panic, he feels strangely poor, his expectations are weakened, his patience starts to respond and in such a situation, whatever decision he makes most of that turns out to be wrong.

    Therefore, the most important thing is to maintain patience in adverse times. Only the toughest challenges can be faced with patience. A person who does not have patience is not able to face even the smallest problems properly.

    What you think, what a person needs most in times of difficult circumstances in your openion.
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    A person in problem needs a helping hand and somebody who will stand with him during those testing times. somebody should try to give him more confidence so that he will not succumb to pressure.
    Many times when we face some difficult situation, we will become nervous and our mind will stop working in the right direction. In such a situation somebody holds our hand and show us the right path, we will be back to normal. Many people may not be able to do that but at least they should not discourage him. As mentioned by the author patience is very important. But when we face problems one after the other we will lose our patience and we will get upset. So if somebody comes gives us some confidence we may work with improved confidence.

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    The person only needs a way to come out of a difficult situation. It's true that during such circumstances people cannot think properly and prone to make mistakes. If there is another person with the sufferer, she/he can work as a guide to make the right move and if there is nobody then the only option remains with the sufferer is to stay calm and analyze the situation so that a way can be found to ease the situation. As the author has said, patience is very much required during those times because we need to be in control. If we react in a different way or become agitated it will complicate the situation further and we won't be able to find a solution to the problem. Every problem has to be analysed to find a solution and for that, our thought process should not be affected in any way. Calmness helps us to think logically and it is essential to find a solution to any problem.

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    I agree to what the author has opined and she has also suggested some ways how a person can overcome this untoward situation.

    In case of failure especially when failures come consistently then it is always difficult for him to come out of this situation, because confidence in himself concerning his ways to tackle the problem or how to succeed to achieve his target etc are shaken. Courage, patience, self-confidence ,grit etc several alike qualities can be cited, but reality is when self-confidence, the most important characteristic of a man is lost he finds himself in a lurch. If it's etched with the heart consistently then surely the personn is prone to go in tremendous pressure and ultimately in depression. How one can protect oneself from this serious situation, here I tell you my own experience. "It was the God's will and what he wills for me is always beneficial in the long run." uttering it protect me from tension and disheartening

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