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    Why do humans practice escapism in front of hardships?

    Members of late I've been noticing something about our society, folks instead of facing a certain hardship tend to take easier pathway, in doing so they regress themselves even lower. A person instead of facing his/her own failures and working hard towards a progressive success takes it as an ultimate sign that he or she is useless and then starts the path of self- destruction and depravity. Case in point high achieving fellows like celebs or professionals with very high reptation are unable to cope with failures and start spiraling towards drugs and depraved addictions. In doing so they practice a kind of escapism, which ultimatldy leads to their own self destruction since addiction is noting but over glorified ego worship. Why have folks become like this? Is capitalism and the creation of a moral free society the reason behind this?
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    People want to have a carefree life and they want success easily. They want success easily and wanted to reach the destinations through shortcuts. But this not possible always. So they try to go away from that task and look for another area where they can get things easily. But they never understand is free meals are not there for anybody always. You have to earn your food.
    In our lives many times we may get negative results and sometimes we will get positive results. We should take both and we should know how to convert our failures into success. This is only if you are really interested in your success. Shifting loyalties or trying for shortcuts will never show a path to success. Try and solve the problems you face and that only will make you successful.
    Take your failures as lessons and learn from those lessons and the chance for your success will improve. But if you start worrying about the failures your position will not improve and it may further deteriorate.

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    Escapism is the easy way to turn away from the responsibilities and no one would be questioning about the task and the results once you seek pardon from the duty. What I feel that escapism is the cheapest way of behavior among us as we are not allowing ourselves to prove in front of others. That means we demean our own abilities and fear for any rejection and rave remarks if attempted the task and this low mean attitude is preventing many from the race and they sulk to participate. Actually every one of us are having abundant talent and also the planning to achieve the talent. But when we find the herds of people with rich talent before us, we are perturbed and feel that we are no way in the race among the best in front of us. But we never give a thought that not all those standing in the front line are intelligent than us and if that feeling is developed they we can surge ahead.
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    It is human tendency to choose easy paths even if they are harmful to them. If given a choice we would like to reach our workplaces leisurely. If you allow your child to sleep it would sleep till late hours. If we are not asked to do anything in the house we are so happy with the housewives. If I am seeing some interesting program in TV for hours without helping in the house for any work or not going out to bring the provisions or vegetables etc and the family members are providing me snacks and tea on my lap then I would be the happiest person on Earth. So, this is a general tendency to have a smooth path and do not do anything in life. But the reality is far from this and when hardships come then the lazy and idle people suffer most. They may take shelter in drugs or some other menial indulgences which would further harm them.
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    Escapism is nothing but inability to take responsibility of ourselves and our decisions. Whenever there is a situation there is an option and one has to choose which option to take.
    Easy option is always tempting so mostly people prefer to choose that one instead the one that requires effort and striving.

    Sweet are the fruits of labour but why do labour when you can buy fruit from a supermarket. This is what people do and in the embrace their downfall.

    Mostly it is lack of inner strength and conviction that causes people to choose the easy path.

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    It is all the result of our perception about success, happiness and a good life. Those who pile up desires to get fulfilled get themselves in this situation. Be content to what you have and keep on trying to tweak our status makes life going smoothly. Hiding the face or escaping fruitlessly is of no use, rather all untoward situation should be faced to get all issues fixed up with own sincere efforts and suggestions of wellwishers.

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    This is mainly because of laziness to face the hardship and some people do not want to take risk in handling hardship situations. They just pass on the same to others. But in some situations, the people simply push all such hardship activities to the others who willingly handle the hardship situations though they can handle. So, the escapism is in the both sides. Their mentality is 'why should I?'

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    Everyone is not having a fighting spree and work hard to get the to the desired goals in life. Many of us are lazy and try to escape from the responsibilities. At the same time we repent when we do not get the success in our lives.
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