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    The color of a person's eyes can describe his nature.

    The eyes convey all our feelings and emotions and become the symbol of different conditions of the person. Some people can find out about the nature of a person by the eyes.

    It is a fact that not everyone's eyes are of the same color. It is also believed that the color of the eyes tells a lot about the person. The belief is that those who have brown eyes are very clever and vicious and we should be a little careful in trusting such people. Brown-eyed people are full of creativity. These people do not tell their heart to everyone.

    Do you also believe that the color of a person's eyes can describe his nature? Is it a scientifically accepted fact?
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    Not only the color of the eyes but also the movement of eyes testifies what is hidden in the person's mind and heart. Those who are well versed in eye to eye contacts can tell the happenings and going on in the mind of opposite person and when elders say that the face is the index of mind, it is naturally the eyes which gives us lots of information and importance of the person. Some people are very good in conveying their feelings through eyes which the others does not have the iota of their moves. The rolling of eye balls. the closing of eye lashes and staring at a person are some of the classic moves through which one would know the others mind. Even the saints were taken in to their strides by the women of those days through their expressive expressions of the eyes and thus eyes form the important part of our body to convey our accent or decline.
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    As a common man, I never believe that the colour of the eyes will tell the nature of the person. The colour of the eyes will come by birth and there is nothing you can do about it. But the behaviour and the mentality will be developed during life and definitely we can change ourselves the way we wanted. These theories might have been arrived by some people by analysing some individuals and statistically worked out. Colour of the eyes or colour of the skin will never tell us any clue about the nature of a person. We can't say all black-eyed people are intelligent and blue-eyed people are not intelligent.
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    It is only believed, isn't it? You have mentioned in the thread that it is a belief that the colour of eyes indicates a particular trait of a person. I do not have such beliefs but the movement of eyes during a conversation may indicate certain behavioural patterns that can be understood by the specialists.

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    The way eyes move or sparkle or droop can indicate what a person is thinking. Color of eyes does not determine anyone's nature. This is utter absurdity. I guess the author got the idea after reading werewolf or vampire stories where the character's eyes reveal their true non human nature. However this is fiction we do not have such entities atleast not in our dimension.

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    However it may have some influence on the personality type of an individual according to a recent research.

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    From eye gestures and mannerism, sometimes it is possible to find out what is going inside of a person but from the colour to deduce something is beyond comprehension. I do not think that colour has any relation whatsoever.
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    I don't think that color of a person's eye can have anything to do with his/her nature. The nature of human is developed with his upbringing and the environment he/she lives in. Beliefs are myths developed and nurtured with time. Even for the most refined laws and maths equation, there are exceptions.

    If this is to be believed then brown is the most common eye colour in the World, around 79% of population is brown eyed. Then comes blue eyes that accounts for 8-10% and 5% have hazel or amber colour and 2% have green eyes. This way the classification will be crystal clear as 79% people are very vicious and clever and creative too. But one thing that doesn't add up is that even after having 79% brown eyed people the creativity level is so low.

    Guessing the nature by observing ones' eye movement and body movement is one thing but describing the nature of a person by his eye colour is out of the roof belief and those believing this need some green tea for refreshing their grey cells.

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